Smile and the benefits of Teeth Whitening

A Smile is one such expression in the human body that makes things happen. It can help you accomplish wonders in all fronts. But when it comes to smile many of us prefer to stay away from our social circles. The reason is different for many people. Some avoid it because of the bad breath and some because of the crooked teeth or even discolored teeth.

The technology these days has become so advanced that it is not difficult to attain that beautiful smile again. With so many dental procedures now in the market and with so many dental clinics it is easier for the patients to select from the best offer.

There are numerous procedures that help a patient get whiter teeth. One such is bleaching in which a special gel is applied to the gums, which actually protects the gum from any sort of damage that might occur. The reason why bleaching helps in attaining that shinier teeth is because the chemical contains Hydrogen Peroxide as the main ingredient and once applied to the gums, hydrogen peroxide breaks down and gives way to oxygen which makes the teeth shine white.

The other procedure that is carried out to get brighter teeth is the Laser Whitening which is also called as Power Whitening. A rubber dam is placed on your gums so that they can be protected while the tooth is being painted with the bleaching agent. Once the chemical is applied completely it is activated using the laser light. The reason to use laser light is to speed up the procedure of teeth whitening.

Normally teeth whitening using the bleaching powder take around 3-4 weeks. However, with the availability of multiple chemicals, these days, you can get whiter and shinier teeth just within one week. But when you undergo laser whitening procedure things are different or I must say the response time is different. The laser whitening procedure helps you achieve shinier teeth in less than an hour.

Tooth Whitening these days helps a patient to erase signs such as that of:

  1. Coffee, Tea, Soda, and Red Wine or even alcohol
  2. Yellow teeth since birth.
  3. Darkened teeth due to age
  4. Cigarette smoking
  5. Chewing tobacco
  6. Acidic food causing yellow teeth

The thing that we do not understand is that we wouldn’t need any procedure to be carried out on our teeth, to make it shine bright or, for it to be properly aligned if we follow certain basic hygiene related to our mouth. Brushing twice or thrice in a day is always suggested by every dentist. But how many of us do that? We are so much engrossed in our day to day work that we have no resistance towards junk foods and aerated drinks. Moreover, we are also not resistant towards cigarette. Smoking is one of the major causes of teeth discoloration and many other diseases that happen in mouth and lungs.

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