So do you Smoke? Be ready for Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal, as discussed previously sends chill down the spine. Its not a pleasant thing to know when your dentist says that “We need to do a root canal treatment”.  I get petrified with this word. The sound of the drill gives me jitters, like literally. And in case you think that you are the only one who has been suggested this treatment then know that you are not alone. The fact is nearly 40% of the global population needs to undergo Root Canal Treatment.

A shocking fact is that if you smoke, you are most likely to undergo this treatment. Smoking is not a good practice to involve in your daily habits. It is the biggest source of lung disease. We already live in a contaminated environment, so why is there a need for us to contaminate our organs. Anyways the fact is – more you smoke, more likely are the chances for the drill to enter your teeth. 

As per World Health Organization’s report, 200 million of the 1 billion global population are women. Moreover about 40% of men smoke as compared to 9% of women. This makes men more vulnerable to Oral Diseases such as Dental Cavities, Periodontal Diseases, Oral Cancers, Receding Gums and Root Canal and also doubles the risk of men to be affected by these diseases than women. The fact is when you smoke, your body becomes less resistant towards infection and it also hampers the blood circulation which leads to bad oral health resulting in Root Canal Treatment.

Does it sound cool to brag about the number of years you have smoked? Well let me tell you this – if you have started smoking recently; like within last 2 years then you are less likely to undergo a root canal treatment however the chances are 20% but if you have been smoking for around 12 years then the chances are around 130%. 

We all try avoiding Dentists but this is one person who can solve our dental problems. In case you are going for any sort of treatment and if you are a smoker then frankly just tell your dentist about it. He/She will clean your Teeth and will suggest you methods to reduce the consequences of smoking.

The moment you realize the fact that smoking is not good at all for you that’s when change would happen in your body. But it’s not just about the thought. You need to quit smoking to save your lungs and your maintain your Oral Health. Keep Smiling 🙂

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