Some common problems related to Dentures and how can you overcome them

Dentures or Artificial Teeth as we know it have evolved as time has changed. These artificial teeth are now more comfortable and they look as if a person has natural teeth. But then lack of care will eventually lead to problems which obviously no one wants. So allow me this moment to take you through the details of the problems that can be caused and how can you overcome these problems.

While wearing dentures you need to make sure that your mouth is clean and you brush regularly atleast twice in a day. Do not think that by wearing dentures your mouth is safe and free from any disease. These are as important as a your natural teeth and require extra care as well. Some of the common denture problems are which occur when you do not take care of your dentures –

1. Irritation in your Gums and Mouth: Anything that gets fixed in your mouth artificially will need extra care and if not cared for it will eventually lead to infection in your gums.

2. Problems eating and speaking: This is very generic and happens to one and all and it lasts only for a few weeks and will not exceed more than two weeks.

3. Unstable Dentures. This happens when you chew something really hard and makes the dentures unstable. So take extra care of what you eat.

4. Mouth Infections: Any infection happening in your mouth will be the end result of not taking care and keep unhealthy mouth.

But as mentioned previously there is nothing that can be cured. So when you feel such problems persisting then here are the steps that you can use to treat the problems:

a) Keep a check whether your dentures fit or not: You need to ensure that your dentures fit well. As time passes by your gums and bones will become lose and or tight and dentures will not fit properly. You need to see your dentist the moment you feel dentures are not fitting.

b) Don’t just rush to speak fluently: For the first 2 weeks you will surely have this problem but just do not rush in speaking fluently. Here you need to calm down a little bit and understand that slowly and steadily everything will happen.

c) Choose what you eat: A fresh denture will give you challenge in eating so you need to choose your food cautiously. Choose soft food and avoid chewing gums and restrict your self from eating ice.

When you use dentures you might be prone to some of the mouth infections such as Cheilitis – a painful infection and this will lead to inflammation and the corners of your mouth will be cracked. The moment you feel such infection immediately seek dentist help. The second infection that you might face is Stomatitis in which the roof of your mouth will have red bumps. In both the cases you need to fix a dentist appointment who will help with medications or might even change the dentures.

Although dentures are artificial teeth but then they also need extra care so that it should not harm you. Follow these steps to avoid any such incident:

1) Do not sleep while dentures are fixed to teeth: Dentures are very delicate and might even break while sleeping so unless your dentist allows you do not sleep with while putting them on.

2) Regular Cleaning: Just like you brush your teeth regularly you need to clean your dentures as well. You can soak them in a denture cleaner or clean them properly each morning before you wear them. Do not soak them in hot water or else they might lose their shape.

3) Proper Cleaning of your mouth: This is a step that will help you keep clean mouth as well. Every morning before you wear your dentures you need to properly massage your gums and tongue.

Any type of dentures will not take more than 3-5 visits but then make sure you see your dentists regularly so that any sort of oral signs can be detected early. So keep these tips and advice in mind and lead a healthy lifestyle. Keep Smiling 🙂


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