Straight Wire Braces help in Straight Teeth

This article discusses the alternate of Metallic Braces – Straight Wire Braces. As soon as our dentist tells that we need to use metallic braces what is your reaction? Well for me its awful. But then there are options available in the market outside.

What are Straight Wire Braces?

Straight Wire Braces


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Once we have a metallic brace set up on our teeth it leaves a memory that lingers and sensation that stays. Lately I have discussed about the Porcelain Braces or the Cosmetic Braces but let’s not forget the initial type of braces Straight Wire Braces which were made from Memory Wire.

These are the most common type of braces which are also called as Fixed Wire or Permanent Dental BracesMany of us do not know but these straight wire braces have been correcting our smiles for ages and is the most conventional method of Orthodontic Treatment.

Now you must be thinking that Straight Wire Braces are made out of hard and rigid wires however that’s not the case. These braces are made out of Flexible wires. These wires put pressure on your teeth which helps your teeth to be aligned in the right place. To start with the procedure, your dentist will put a bracket in a position which he would have selected after doing some research on your teeth. The bracket which your dentist will place on your teeth is designed in such a way that the root of your tooth will move in the right direction and this in turn will correct the angle of the crown.

Once your dentist places the bracket, he will then connect the straight wire to those brackets and this will bend them further. Later on the wire will return to its actual shape. Once it returns to its actual shape your teeth will move and VOILA your brackets are in the right position. Once your treatment is done and you are declared fit to go by your dentist, your teeth will align perfectly along with the straight wire.

There was a time when braces were made out of hard metal however with the evolution of mankind and human brain developing steadily Straight Wire Braces came into picture. These braces were made out of nickel-titanium alloy which has a quality of this material is that it adjusts with the temperature of body. They are easily placed on the bracket because of their flexibility at room temperatures. You can call these wires as user friendly and which is the most important reasons that they so widely used.

There is no reason to hate a dentist because while he/she is treating you with the Straight Wire Braces he will also look for any other visible sign of dental problem. So in case you are suffering from overbite or under-bite he will make sure that springs or headgear is added to the spring wire braces to correct these issues.

The treatment procedure is slightly long. You will have to visit your dentist regularly for 6 weeks. He will change the elastic bands and replace them with the new one. He will also work upon the straight wire because of the movement caused due to talking, eating and brushing. If you are suffering from crooked teeth then you need to wait for at least 1-2 years to allow your teeth to come back in shape.

The Conclusion

We love our mouth and love to flash that smile. On the other hand we love to drink soda and consume acidic foods. But we are not ready to bear the repercussions. Brushing, Flossing and using Mouthwash daily helps keep our teeth healthy and will also help in an overall healthy body.

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