Suffering from sensitive teeth? You might want to check these reasons

The sensitivity in teeth is at times unbearable and highly irritating. There are situations when you are unable to eat or drink properly. When this happens you might want to check out on these common scenarios which has aggravated the sensitivity issue:

1. Excessive use of mouth wash:

use of mouthwash

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Of course we love the minty smell from our mouth but this is one of the common reasons for sensitive gums. And the reason for gums and teeth to get disturbed because of the mouthwash is because these mouthwashes have acid which affect the teeth adversely. So instead of using the mouthwash that contains mint you can use the one that contains Flouride.

2. Love for Acidic Foods:

Girl bites tomato

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Attracted towards tomatoes, fruit juices and other acidic foods? Then be ready to be attracted by Sensitive teeth. If you cannot avoid acidic foods then you can cut the acid by eating a slice of cheese or consuming any dairy product preferably milk.

3. Shocking but true even toothpaste are culprit

teeth whitening

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Well this does not mean you should give away brushing and toothpastes but toothpaste and teeth whiteners that are high on peroxide level are biggest culprits as well. Check with your dentist and he/she will suggest you an alternative.

4. Receding Gums:

receding gums

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People suffering from periodontal disease are more prone to tooth sensitivity because the layer of the gum tissue gets removed and exposes the nerves. There is no alternative but to visit the dentist.

5. Tooth fight


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Well this is something that most of us do. While brushing we tend to apply so much pressure on the teeth that the enamel is exposed. The alternative to it is brushing softly and gently.

6. Crooked Teeth or Cracked teeth

Cracked teeth

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Not only kids but we adults have this habit of eating ice or candies. Consumption of such things lead to cracked teeth as the outer layer gets disturbed. The alternative is to see a dentist immediately.

Keep these symptoms in mind and make sure to see your dentist whenever you face any such situation. Keep Smiling

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