How to teach your kids about the teeth anatomy

It is important to teach kids on maintaining a healthy dental care habit. Maintaining proper dental care ensures overall body health. At the same time you also need to ensure that you teach them about the teeth anatomy. The reason is that the more they are aware of the different parts of teeth and mouth the more they are well versed with the affects of not taking care of them. However we all know that kids are not very patient enough to listen to such serious stuff. So how should you go about educating them about the same? Come let’s find out.

Teach Teeth Anatomy with these methods:

Mouth Self Portrait

KidsHealth suggests that mouth self portrait is the ultimate source to keep your kid engaged in knowing about the teeth and the way mouth works. Its super easy to do – All you need is to grab a paper, crayons, mirror and a well lit area. Ask your kid to look into the mirror and open his/her mouth. Ask them to have a good look inside their mouth because they will be drawing the structures. Ask them to point out what structures such as tongue, gums, the roof and bottom of their mouth. Once this is done ask your child to draw the structures as they look.


Proper Brushing

We all know that oral health starts only after your teeth are healthy. So teach your kids on how to brush for two minutes followed by flossing and use of mouthwash. You will have to help them in doing this as they do not know the exact way and the time frame. So what is the fun way of teaching them? Try this: Take a dark paper and draw a tooth on it. Thereafter give your child an unused or an old toothbrush with white and ask him/her that how will they make this dark tooth look bright. While they are rubbing the brush on the paper teach them the right technique. Once they have done this give them their own toothbrush and paste and ask the same question. They won’t do it the right way so hold their hand and tell them the right method of doing it.

Cavity Spread

Cavities if left untreated will lead to further damage. You might even end up losing your teeth. However our kids are not well versed with the impact of cavities on our dental health and overall health. So American Dental Association has recommended this technique: On a paper towel you need to draw a tooth. Then by the use of watercolor marker you will be required to place a dot on the teeth. This explains that cavity is a small hole in your teeth. Once all this is done drip a little water on the cavity. The water will start spreading and you need to now explain your kid that if cavity is not treated then it will spread and impact the other areas as well.


Making your kid understand the teeth anatomy is downright important. These fun filled exercises will help in doing the job for you.

Image Source: Sea of Smiles Spa

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