Teeth and Gums are meant for chewing food and not to do other task

Did you know that everything we do daily or we don’t, is directly proportional to the health and well being of our teeth and these day to day habits falls under the bad oral habits. Brushing and Flossing are not just two habits that you should include in your daily schedule, but you should also not eat much of sweets or even open a bottle of beer with your teeth. Your teeth are meant to eat and chew and make your smile look pretty and not to open beer bottles or open a packet of chips.

Unfortunately, these bad oral habits can lead to unhealthy oral hygiene over time, causing foul  breath, teeth discoloration, redness in gums, swollen gums, cavities, gum disease and ultimately, tooth loss. It affects your overall oral wellness, but also the following:

Chewing and speech: Imagine yourself eating or chewing or talking without a set of healthy teeth and gum.

Self Confidence: Swollen gums, unhealthy breath and stained tooth – to not mention no enamel – can indeed put a halt on any individual’s self belief.

Finances get affected. Your finances will go for a toss if you do not regularly visit your dentist. He/She will examine your teeth and mouth on a regular basis and will suggest corrective measures that you can take so as to avoid any long-term damage to your teeth.

Healthy Life: Bad dental habits affect your overall health as well. I have mentioned time and again that inculcating bad habits or not following a healthy regime will affect your gums and teeth because anything that you eat or drink will first affect your mouth. Once a Gum Disease is treated you will have an improved dental health and in turn your overall health is spic and span.

Please note that every part of our body is made for a purpose. Our hands to hold, eyes to see, nose to smell, legs to make movements and teeth for eating. Just as we cannot use our hands to walk and nose to hold things similarly we cannot and in fact should not use our teeth as tools to open things. We have bottle openers to open beer bottles and we our hands to tear apart a bag of chips. We are grown up individuals and we have crossed that age of our ancestors when we did not have proper equipments to perform actions.

So enjoy your life and stay healthy and don’t forget to Smile J

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