Teeth Grinding – Act before it starts to wreck your teeth

Generally people grind their teeth while they are sleeping but there are two other reasons why grinding occurs – Stress and Anxiety. The stranger fact is that when people grind their teeth they do not know that they are doing it intentionally as it happens when they are sleeping and because of this it results in headache and a sore jaw.

Although teeth grinding is harmless but still if it is done regularly it can result in fracturing and/or loss of teeth. This is called as chronic grinding. You need to be really cautious if in case you feel that you suffer from Chronic Grinding because then there will be need of Root Canal, Bridges, Crowns, Implants or complete dentures. It can not only result in tooth loss but it will also affect your jaws and the worst part – it may affect how your face looks like. Scary it is!!

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