Teeth Whitening – The advantage and procedure

Tooth Stains is the reason why we have to undergo the Teeth Whitening procedure. Our tooth gets stained because of the unhygienic and unhealthy habits such as : Drinking Cola, Smoking, Drinking Acidic Drinks, Chewing Tobacco and many more. Just imagine yourself with pale white teeth in fact yellow teeth and you flash a smile. Aah well not so pleasing!! Isn’t it? Agree to it.

Our teeth gets stained because the enamel gets directly affected by what we consume. Although enamel is termed to be the strongest part, but still these acidic drinks and smoking habits wear out the outer layer and form a layer called as Pellicle Layer. This layer can be easily removed and we all know the method that we need to follow – Brushing twice or thrice in a day + Flossing and using mouthwash (using mouthwash is optional but no harm in using a fluoride base). Enamel is a little porous in nature and this is the reason why it is easy for foreign substances to harm it. It is always recommended to use a fluoride base toothpaste because it also contains calcium which is eventually good for Enamel.


Consumption of dairy products also plays an important in strengthening our enamel because of the calcium content in them. I understand that you must be thinking Hey!! Stains aren’t harmful, well I agree to it but just imagine the embarrassment when you smile or talk and someone tells you on the face that Your teeth are so yellow. Don’t you brush daily? Its then you realize the harm you have done to your teeth.

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This is when Teeth Whitening comes into play. The reason why whiteners are able to give that white shinier luster is because they use bleaching chemicals. These chemicals enter the enamel and start the oxidation procedure. This procedure is a chemical reaction and breaks down the staining compounds. The general compounds that are being used in these tooth whiteners are carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. When hydrogen peroxide is used in mouth it breaks down into urea and hydrogen peroxide and this hydrogen peroxide is the main cleaning agent.


Generally dentist will use 15-35% hydrogen peroxide gel and some high intensity light. The reason why light is used is because it speeds up the procedure of whitening. So, first Pumice will be used to clean your teeth and thereafter on your gums a protective layer is applied. Your dentist will keep on applying hydrogen peroxide over and over again. This results in a 4-5 times whiter teeth in just 45 minutes. Sounds interesting!! Doesn’t it?

I understand that we do not wish to see our dentist very often but if we do not wish to see our dentist then it is important for us to take care of our teeth time and again. The advantage of shinier teeth is that we have a good social presence, a healthy mouth and overall a beautiful smile. So stay healthy and keep smiling.

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