Thailand Dental Tourism

Thailand has always been open to tourists with its exotic locations and beautiful beaches. This is the reason why in 2012 it surpassed London with nearly 16 million paying visit to this Land of Smiles. However it should be noted that it is not only the commercial tourism is the driving factor for this country. Thailand Dental Tourism has also been other reason for patients to fly from across the globe to this place.

You will be surprised to know that nearly 4 out 5 adults fear visiting a dentist. Moreover only 20% of us see a dentist on a regular basis. The whole idea of seeing a dentist does not lie in the fact that we need beautiful and glistening smile. We all need healthy teeth because that is what keeps our body healthy as well. Visiting a dentist at least 3 times a year ensures that we are up-to-date with any sort of dental problems. Researches have proved that keeping your teeth healthy will help you save your life. The reason is when plaque gets accumulated it will cause the blood platelets to become more weak which will lead to any sort of heart disorder.

That being said Thailand Dental Tourism offers variety of treatments ranging from Tooth Whitening, Tooth Bonding, Gum Treatment and many more. The reason why Thailand is flooded with tourist for dental treatment is because of the trained professionals, accreditation to the coveted JCI certificate and on top of these the cost of treatment is really low as compared to other countries. Even though Thailand is surrounded Singapore, still patients prefer Thailand because of the cost effective treatment and cost effective hotels. Not just these but because Thailand has some of the most beautiful locations to visit (such as the one below) making it a preferred destination for those love to club treatment and leisure.

Thailand Dental Tourism

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Thailand Dental Tourism

Patients who wish to undergo dental treatment or for that matter any treatment, have one concern; MONEY. When we talk about US, UK and other European Countries the cost of treatment is way too high for anyone to afford it. You will also be surprised to know that in US only conventional dental problems are covered under insurance. This is th reason why most of US residents (nearly 150 million) are without any dental coverage.

As we grow older our teeth becomes more vulnerable to diseases and deformities. This requires reconstructive work to be done and trust me this costs a lot of money. This perhaps is the reason why Thailand has opened gates to patients from across the globe and they have given a boost to Thailand Dental Tourism. Prices are nearly one-third of what costs in US or UK. The stay is cheap. The quality of treatment is impeccable and what’s more – The people of Thailand are warm with regards to their nature.

Bangkok is flooded with many dental clinics offering treatment at effective costs.

As there are often delays in dental work, plan a few extra days at your treatment site. Some procedures, such as implants, require two or more steps with weeks or months in between. Find out in advance how many visits you’ll need and the interval between them. Ask yourself whether traveling twice or three times for dental care suits your budget and saves you money overall.


The Land of Smiles has its gates open to tourist. So next time when you travel and you feel that your teeth needs some sort of treatment then do not hesitate in visiting the nearest dentist.

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    • Hi Emilio. We are glad that you loved the post and we hope that next time you take a trip to Thailand and visit our clinic to give us a chance to serve you.

    • I am glad @emilioalday:disqus you liked the post and I hope that one day you will visit my dental clinic and get the smile which you always desired.

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