Thailand: Land of Smiles and home for Dental Tourism

Cross border treatment or Medical Tourism is gaining popularity in the western countries. Clients are travelling miles away from their destinations to get treatment done. The reason is lost cost yet effective treatment offered by other countries. Thailand has turned to be one of the top destinations for medical tourism.

Tourism is the biggest asset of this country. With beautiful landscapes and chilled out beaches this Land of Smiles, has always been a preferred destinations for travelers. People from across the world travel here for vacations. The reason is simple – low cost. This very reason is also the cause of the emerging traffic towards the medical field. Thailand has made a great progress towards science and medical facilities. Thailand offers variety of high-cost medical services or treatment but on the contrary these high-cost treatment costs way to less if compared to US or UK or EU Countries. For example, a hip replacement cost in Thailand is 575,834 Baht ($17223.08) and the same treatment costs nearly $30,000 in US. This price difference speaks about the fact that traffic in Thailand is drawn because of the lost cost.

Economy of Thailand because of Tourism

Over the period of years this country has grown and grown by leaps and bounds. It has grown so much that at the present times the tourism contributes to 20.2% of GDP. Multiple choices of Hotels at a very competitive rate, friendly people and ease of transportation have become one of the key factors for attracting tourist to Thailand. Apart from these factors, 19 countries across globe can avail the visa on arrival feature. This becomes easier for travelers to plan their travel.

Not Just leisure but also quality treatment

But travelers are not just travelling for leisure. Thailand has emerged out to be a leader in one more category of tourism, Medical Tourism. Thailand is now turning out to be market leader in Medical Tourism. The Thai government is also supporting this endeavor because it has now become another key factor in attracting tourists. Travelers from across the globe travel to Thailand mostly to avail Dental Implants. Dentistry in this country has started to gain popularity because many of the Dental Clinics are now JCI accredited and the dentists are well trained from US.

Perhaps this is the reason why medical tourism is growing at such a rapid rate of 16% annually. Keeping this in mind the medical sector is expected to make 100 Million Baht by the end of 2015. At the present times Dental Tourism accounts for 0.4% of GDP for this country. The other reason why Thailand is ahead of any other SEA countries is because of the fact that the hotel accommodation is much cheaper in Bangkok as compared to Singapore. This becomes one other reason for Bangkok to be the most famous destination for medical tourism.

There are nearly 37 JCI accredited hospitals in Thailand, which is more than any other hospitals in South Asia as well as South East Asia. This fact gives an upper hand to Thailand as JCI is the most coveted accreditation to any hospital. The backbone of the Thailand’s medical tourism endeavor are the clinics that are located around the country.

The conclusion

Apart from all this Bangkok Dentistry is also gaining a lot of popularity and the reason is qualified Dentists in Bangkok.  The most popular Dental Implants in Bangkok takes place in Dr Sunil International Dental Clinic. They have the collection of best Dentists in Thailand.

With an amalgamation of scenic beauty and exceptionally sophisticated facilities, this country is way ahead than any of its counterparts when it comes to Medical Tourism. Also when you compare the prices, for example if you compare prices of Dental Tourism in Thailand then you are sure to give this country an upper hand.

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