These 5 interesting facts about kids’ oral health are the most important thing you need to know

It’s not easy being a parent because there is so much with the kids to take care of that we at times miss out on some really important aspects. Their care is not just limited to the food they eat or drinks they consume or their hair or nails, in fact it is much more than these. Just like adults, we need to take care of their dental health as well.

So today, let us take a trip to 5 interesting facts about our kids’ dental health and let me tell you these are extremely important:

  1. Kids who attain the age of 8 are most likely to show the signs of tooth decay

The only option to avoid this is by maintaining good oral hygiene of your kids. Remember that the only inventory you need to maintain a good oral health is buying a fluoride toothpaste which of course is not expensive.

  1. Do not let them consume too much sweet drinks and soda drink at all.

Kids are fond of sweets and sweet drinks and not to mention soda flavored drinks, but these are the real culprits. These drinks contain more sugar than the required quantity which is not at all good for teeth. These drinks can be easily replaced with milk and other dairy products.

  1. Most of the kids visit dentist quite often

It’s absolutely fine to visit a dentist for a regular check up, but if, time and again, you are taking your kid to a dentist then there surely is a problem.

  1. There are fewer kids who have plaque

If the stats are to be believed then in the last one decade only 10% kids suffer from plaque and it is also expected that by 2079 plaque will be eradicated completely. But the only catch here is that there has to be regular dental hygiene followed.

  1. Very less kids brush their teeth twice in a day

Disheartening to know, but this is a fact. Only 3/4th kids of the global population say that they brush their teeth twice in a day. It is very important for us to communicate clearly with the kids and spread the awareness of healthy hygienic habits.

Kids have a very beautiful and soothing smile so help them maintain that. Keep Smiling 🙂

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