Abnormal Teeth condition: Turner Hypoplasia

This is an abnormality of our teeth and it isn’t that very common. A patient suffering from Turner Hypoplasia will notice abnormalities such as missing or reduced enamel on the permanent teeth.  However the appearance of teeth may vary as well. So let’s take a detailed look into this Abnormal Teeth Condition.

Other teeth abnormalities affect all the teeth in our mouth however this one is known to affect just one tooth in our mouth and is therefore referred to as Turner’s Teeth.

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The Result:

In case this condition is found in canine or the pre-molar teeth then the most probable cause is that there was an infection since the childhood when the baby teeth was growing. There is a strong possibility that the primary teeth was decayed which left an area of inflamed and swollen roots of the tooth and affecting the development of the tooth. As mentioned above the tooth which is most likely to be affected by this result are the canine tooth.

On the other hand if the condition is found in the front teeth then the possibility is that the patient must have suffered some sort of accident or a trauma. In such a condition the affected tooth is pushed under the tooth which is developing and eventually hampers the growth of enamel. The most probable area that gets affected in this condition is the one that is closer to the cheeks or the lips.

If the patient suffers from trauma within the first three years of his life then Turner Hypoplasia affects the enamel because after third year of life enough calcium is consumed for enamel to sustain injury.

The Treatment

Treatment for Turner Hypoplasia or Enamel Hypoplasia depends majorly on two factors: Location and Severity of the problem. This condition starts at a very tender age and if not taken care at that age can have embarrassing situation at a later age. In case the condition is not that severe then using an artificial enamel acts as a permanent and best solution. However if the condition is really severe then using artificial enamel will not suffice. The reason is that artificial enamel will not bind as it should which is why artificial teeth and metal crowns come as a savior.

The location of this condition is also an important factor. Location helps a dentist decide whether he should be using natural looking teeth or metal crowns. So if hypoplasia is present in the rear teeth then your dentist will opt for metal crowns because they wont be visible; but if the condition is prevalent in the front teeth then natural looking teeth are preferred.

Certain Facts

After discussing all the consequences and treatment procedure of Hypoplasia, let us dig into some facts:

Turner Hypoplasia

Turner Hypoplasia


This is a condition which needs to be looked into at a very earlier stage. So be vigilant and take care of your tooth and do not forget to see your dentist for best possible solution.

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