Tooth Pathology

The only way we can maintain a healthy oral hygiene is by eating and drinking things that are healthy and good for our body.

But still there are nearly 60% people who do not do it which results in multiple tooth diseases. So today we will discuss about tooth pathology – different conditions of teeth. You will be a bit confused with the word Tooth Pathology but it is a very familiar term and has nothing to do with the test laboratories. Tooth Pathology is a term that is used to describe any dental condition that is either congenital or acquired. So you can call it as a Tooth Disease or Tooth Disorders. At times the congenital tooth disease is called as tooth abnormalities. You’d be surprised to know that this is one of the most common diseases found amongst the humans. So ideally Tooth Pathology is just a dental condition which comprises of all the diseases which our tooth goes through in its lifespan.

Dentists are trained to treat, prevent and provide diagnosis for these diseases because the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Dental Pathology are the basis of dentistry. Furthermore dental-hygienists and other sub specialists are involved to give you a smile makeover or even a dental makeover.

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