Tooth Sensitivity – Things to do

Many of us in our day to day lives experience an excruciating pain in our teeth and gum region. That’s called as Tooth Sensitivity or Dentin Sensitivity. It is a real sharp pain but does not last for a long time. But the intensity of pain is felt real bad.

Many people who experience Tooth Sensitivity, nearly 75% of them, have mentioned that they experience it because of cold substances such as cold water or ice cream. The other substances that triggers this pain are –

  • Thermal – hot and cold drinks and foods, cold air, coolant water jet from a dental instrument.
  • Electrical – electric pulp testers.
  • Mechanical–tactile – dental probe during dental examination, periodontal scaling and root planing, toothbrushing.
  • Osmotic – hypertonic solutions such as sugars.
  • Evaporation – air blast from a dental instrument.
  • Chemical – acids e.g. dietary, gastric, acid etch during dental treatments.

The reason why people experience this excruciating pain is because of the receding gums or gingival gums (FYI Receding Gums is the exposure in the roots of the teeth caused by a loss of gum tissue and/or retraction of the gingival margin from the crown of the teeth).  When the root surfaces are exposed, the cementum and smear layer is lost and your tooth starts to wear, that’s when this pain starts.

However there is nothing to fear about. Although it sounds painful and unbearable yet this can be cured or you can prevent it. Just by following these simple steps you can avoid this pain and enjoying eating or drinking whatever you like –

  • Brush and Floss daily without fail. The number of times you brush your teeth (ideally twice a day) that many number of times make sure you floss as well.
  • While brushing make sure that you are using soft bristled toothbrush. The harder the bristles the more wear & tear will happen on your teeth.
  • In today’s market there are many toothpaste that are specifically designed or manufactured for sensitive teeth. So you can opt for may options that are there in the market.
  • Admit the fact that we have erratic eating habit. So you can avoid this sensitive feeling by avoiding acidic foods.
  • Pay a visit to your dentist atleast once in 6 months.

In case after using all these safety precautions you still have that feeling of sensitiveness then its time that you should see your dentist and follow his/her advice.

Keep a healthy mouth and healthy smile. Keep Smiling.

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