Tooth Whitening: Know the risk involved

Have you been considering tooth whitening recently? Well it’s good but still it is to some extent it is a risky thing to do. So before undergoing this procedure make sure you consult your dentist for the possible risk involved. This holds true especially when you are planning to use a home bleaching system.

There are two major risk involved in tooth whitening namely – Tooth Sensitivity and damage to the root of your teeth. Your dentist will be able to tell you whether or not you should use the bleaching system. Your dentist will be able to predict whether you will face tooth sensitivity or not.  However they will also tell the procedure on how to eliminate the sensitivity. With the help of certain toothpaste and chemical you can eliminate tooth sensitivity. Furthermore they can also detect and cure signs of root damage by tooth whitening.

Causes of Tooth Coloration

Ever wondered why does our tooth become discolored? Well, there are multiple reasons for that such as smoking, drinking coffee, tea, wine and certain medications. You should note that the portion inside the teeth darkens overtime.

Tooth Cleaning if carried out by a professional dentist will remove external stains and also maintains your good oral health. So ensure that you visit your dentist for a deep check up and teeth cleaning before you undergo tooth whitening.

Tooth Whitening – Should you do it or not?

It has been found that tooth whitening was successful in almost 90% of people. It has bee noted that yellow teeth respond well to whitening and on the other hand the brownish teeth just do not respond at all. Smoking causes gray stains and it becomes even more difficult to get them removed by teeth whitening.

Tooth whitening might not even improve your smile in case you have undergone a bonding or tooth colored fillings. So in this situation you will have to check out options such as porcelain veneers.

Taking professional help has always been the best part so speak with your dentist to take a second opinion. He/She will examine your teeth and in case you are suffering from tooth sensitivity then you will be discouraged to undergo this procedure. The best way to attain shinier teeth is by getting it done by a professional.


At the end of the day the best way to keep healthy and shinier teeth is by following dental hygiene like brushing and flossing twice a week. So keep brushing and stay happy.

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  • I would still push through my second teeth whitening treatment in Marina Medical Centre inspite of the cons of the treatment. I am happy doing it and it makes me feel good about myself

    • Well I second that with you. The whole idea of this blog post was just to bring out certain cons however I know that the advantages are way too much so go ahead with your second treatment. And if you get time do visit our clinic in Thailand

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