Toothbrush is responsible for dental problems

Surprised? Well that’s the truth!! When you pick your toothbrush in the morning to work on your teeth and gums do you have any idea what is stuck in its bristles? It is a matter of concern and we all are unaware of the effect an open toothbrush can have on us. When kept in open and especially near the flush it is bound to get contaminated. If you are already suffering from some sort of illness then chances are that viruses and bacteria can stay on the toothbrush for a long time and impact your health. A normal healthy microorganism can cause infection and once they penetrate your gums. So it becomes important for us to take care of our teeth as much as we can and this is the whole point of this blog post today.

It is important that you wash the toothbrush thoroughly with water before you start brushing your tooth. Now you must be thinking that why wash when I soak it in water? Well the answer is yes you should so that any germs or dirt can be rinsed. Moreover if you are suffering from cough and cold then the toothbrush must be soaked in some antibacterial mouthwash. There are a lot of toothbrush sanitizers available in the market which can be used for deep cleaning. After you have used your toothbrush it is important for you to store it properly. Do enclose the toothbrush in your medicine box, drawer or a bathroom cup. It should be kept upright so that the water can dry out.

Wondering when to give it up? Well ideally it should be retired within 3-4 months. Even before this duration if it starts to wear out then it means that it is time to throw it away. Doesn’t matter whether you use electric or a manual one, they all have to meet the same fate. We all love our families and love sharing the clothes and toys of our siblings. Don’t we? But when it comes to toothbrush DO NOT DO THAT!! Imagine the saliva and bacteria from the other person entering your mouth and doing more damage. You wouldn’t like that to happen. Don’t you? So never ever do that. Moreover tooth decay is highly infectious disease.

These were some simple yet important tasks for keeping your mouth healthy.

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