Understand when you need these dental appliances

It is embarrassing to see that you are missing a tooth. It hampers the social life and prevents us from meeting our peers. However with the advancement of technology in the dental field it is now possible for you to get that same look and feel just like your natural teeth. The best solution for this is dental implants. These dental appliances are capable of solving the problem of missing tooth.

In the first place titanium implants will be fused to your gums. Once the implant is fixed, a natural looking cap is attached to it on the top. This gives the patients a very strong tooth and makes it look downright real. Dental Implants are the only dental appliances which will cover up the lost teeth. However not everyone is ready for these dental appliances. So what does it take to undergo the dental implant treatment? Come let’s find out the four reason on why you will need a dental implant –

a) You need these dental appliances when you are missing our on a tooth or teeth

Tooth Decay, Gum Disease or any sort of accident can lead to tooth loss. So if you take diligent effort and speak to a dentist then he/she will suggest you to undergo a dental implant surgery.

b) When you do not like dentures

These are really uncomfortable and makes you feel old. So you have the choice undergoing this surgical procedure.

c) Rotten Tooth

When you have a rotten tooth and it has not been dislodged from its location then you must consult a dentist and get it extracted. A rotten tooth will lead to further rotten tooth and will impact your overall dental health.

d) Implants are better than Bridges

The easiest way to fix missing tooth is by using a dental bridge. However the best and the permanent way to fix them is by Dental Implant. Both these dental appliances have long been used for missing tooth but the one that has always been preferred is dental implant.

e) You have crooked teeth 

Generally when you have crooked teeth your dentist will suggest braces but in a situation when you have multiple crooked teeth you will have to undergo dental implant. Braces will definitely get your teeth in line but the process is pretty lengthy. Moreover if you are suffering from tooth decay or if you have fractured your teeth then braces is not a good option.

Before you take any decision let me inform you that dental implants are costly so speak with your dentist about it understanding all the pros and cons. It is important to seek dental help before any such dental appliances is used on your teeth. The reason is to understand whether you are suffering from any sort of gum disease or not. In case you are then first the gum disease will be treated and then these dental appliances will be applied.

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