Valplast Dentures: New age partial denture

Valplast Dentures used in modern times dentistry is the most widely used partials dentures across most of the dental clinics.

What are Valplast Dentures?

They are flexible and made out of nylon thermoplastic. The material is relatively thinner and is translucent than the conventional dentures. The reason why it is being preferred by dentists worldwide is because it requires minimum preparation, it is easy to insert and is very durable. Even patients prefer valplast dentures because of the comfort as it is without metal and gives a natural look and feel.

Valplast Dentures

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Just like every dental treatment and appliance fixture, Valplast Dentures will also require you to undergo some kind of valuation. The dentist and the patient will have a detailed discussion about the treatment options so that the procedure and the end result meets the patients requirement.

Generally a cast sub-frame is used to support the appliance. Conventional acrylic partials uses a chemical bond between the teeth and base however Valplast requires only mechanical retention. This is the reason why there should be enough space so that the appliance does not get displaced.

The advantage of Valplast dentures is that they do not require much tooth preparation. Apart from this the other advantages are:

  • Comfort: thin, lightweight and flexible
  • Esthetic and biocompatible
  • No tissue or tooth prep
  • More durable than acrylic
  • Will not stain or absorb odor

Before the dentist would fix this on your teeth he will immerse the Valplast in hot water for the final customization process. This helps in increasing the flexibility and adaptation of the Valplast Denture, improving patient comfort and ease of insertion.

With the advancement of technology, dentistry has also gained momentum. At the present moment many countries have started a concept called as Dental Tourism. Countries like Thailand have become the forerunner in this concept. The country hosts multiple dental clinics who perform multiple dental treatment procedures. Procedures like Root Canal Treatment, Teeth Whitening, Dentures, Smile Makeover and Porcelain Veneers are extremely popular.

Cities like Bangkok, Samui, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Khaosan are the top destinations in Thailand not just for leisure/vacation but also for those seeking quality dental care.

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