What are Dental Caries?

What are dental caries and why should you worry about them? Well there are all the right reason to about this dental condition especially among kids. However as adults we should be also concerned about this condition because of the lifestyle that we live and the food we consume. It is important for us to understand what we should do prevent this dental condition and most importantly we should also know how this condition affects our teeth.

What is Dental Caries

Dental Caries is another name for Dental Cavities which is caused by certain bacteria. These bacteria attack the tooth enamel and dentin resulting in tooth decay. Human mouth is home to many bacteria which continuously work towards forming plaque. Plaque is hidden between cracks, pits or grooves at the rear part of tooth. They are also found in between the teeth, around dental fillings or bridgework and near the gum line.

The bacterium helps in turning sugar and carbohydrate to acids. Once the acids are formed they dissolve the minerals which is present in enamel. As the minerals start to disintegrate the enamel erodes. This leads to the formation of pits. Initially they are too small but if it not taken care of they grow in size over a period of time.

The impact does not just stop here. The acid will enter the pores and starts decaying the dentin. Dentin is the main body of the tooth and once this part starts to decay you will experience tooth sensitivity.

Diagnosis of Dental Caries

In the first place you need to ensure that you are brushing twice a day so as to eliminate the effect of dental caries on your teeth. Visiting the dentist is highly recommended. Your dentist will check for pits with a tool called as Explorer. Furthermore he will also take x-ray of the teeth as it will be helpful in showing the details of decay. The x-ray will detect whether the decay has reached the root or not. In case it has then your dentist will suggest you to undergo a root canal treatment.

Curing time for Dental Caries

If dental caries have been found at an early stage then it is possible to reverse the condition. However if they have destroyed the enamel it will not be possible to reverse the effect.

Prevention of Dental Caries

The best way to prevent this condition is by brushing and flossing on a daily basis. This will ensure that there is no plaque formation. Using antibacterial mouthwash after brushing your teeth will also ensure that bacteria formation does not occur. Also make sure that you do not eat and drink anything that is too sugary because this will give birth to bacteria.


It is imperative to take good care of teeth not just to avoid dental caries but also any other teeth related problem. There is no rocket science in keeping your mouth healthy so keep brushing, flossing and washing mouth with mouthwash and keep smiling.

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