Wisdom Tooth – Why is removal required?

Removal of Wisdom Tooth sends a chill down the spine. But at times it is important for us to undergo the surgical procedure. There are reasons why surgery is required. According to a recent survey nearly 10 million wisdom teeth from 5 million people are removed each year but then nearly 60% of these removal are not needed at all.

However if you do not remove the wisdom teeth in time then there is a possibility that you might be suffering from heavy bleeding, fractured jaw or severe numbness and even minor loss of the movement of your jaw. You need to remember that these problems can persist for a lifetime also.

But why is Removal required?

Removal is required when it starts causing problem to corresponding teeth. It is also removed if X-rays show that there might be a problem in the future. However there are other reasons as well that compels a dentist to remove wisdom teeth:

  • Damage to other teeth: Wisdom teeth are extra molars and can be real pain to other teeth around it. They can cause real problem such extreme pain and difficulty in chewing food.
  • Damage to Jaw: When you do not remove these extra molars, cysts will form around it which can make your jaw hollow and will eventually damage your nerves.
  • Sinus Issues will crop up: If wisdom teeth is not removed there is a possibility that it will lead to severe sinus issues.
  • Damage to Gums: Wisdom teeth can do a lot of damage to your gums leading to inflammation or swelling. Once it is swelled and has become hard it will be difficult to clean.
  • Cavities will be formed: If you have swollen gums, it will create gaps between teeth which will help the bacteria to grow and will eventually lead to cavities.
  • Alignment: Wisdom teeth can also nullify the effects of braces, bridges or crowns or any other dental work done on your teeth.

When it comes to wisdom tooth removal your age plays a very vital role. Your dentist will determine whether or not you need to undergo this treatment. He can even suggest you to wait for a couple of months to see whether there is any change in your condition. However if there is pain or swelling or if you have persistent bad odor on the back of your teeth, then its time to seek dental help and undergo the surgery.

So now that you have some basic knowledge about Wisdom Tooth, I guess you will be able to figure out why is it necessary but still let your dentist take a second look at it and take a decision as well.

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