Your gum has a lot to say so take good care of them

Every part of the human body has a relevance and a significance. Every part of the human body is interrelated with each other so if it is necessary for us to have hearing ability it will complimented by our speaking ability. Similarly the skin that surrounds your teeth is of prime importance as well. This skin called as Gums is useful in holding the teeth in their place so it is imperative for us to pay attention to them. The reason is that once it gets infected it will not heal on its own and will loosen teeth.

So come let us understand what exactly is gums all about. Our gum is divided in three parts or as I would say it consist of three parts. These three parts are together called as Periodontium. There are ligaments that fix the teeth to the jaw so that eat comfortably. Imagine the difficulty in eating and speaking if your tooth are not being fixed to the jaw. Furthermore there are alveolar processes grow around the teeth and provide support to teeth. The pink flesh that we see is called as Gingiva and this protects the teeth’s root.

As mentioned earlier, gums are used for some really important jobs by our mouth. We really need to take care of them because an unhealthy gum will lead to Gingivitis which is the initial stage of Periodontal Gum DiseaseIf we keep them unhealthy then they will start receding leaving loose teeth and which in turn increases tooth sensitivity.

While brushing or even otherwise do have a close look at your gums. If you feel that they are retreating back or as we call them Receding, you need to immediately see a dentist. Receding gums are generally caused by brushing really aggressively. You dentist will suggest you techniques to brush your teeth. Generally, you should brush in a circular motion and it should be gentle strokes. While brushing or flossing your teeth if you observe bleeding, that’s another red flag for you. Smoking is the most effective way to drain body’s Vitamin C. So the cure is (a) Quit Smoking (b) Increase your intake of Citrus fruits and green veggies that will boost Vitamin C in your body.

Smoking, stress or a depleted immune system causes changes in color of gums. The color changes because of Bacterial Infection, Viral Infections, Fungal Infection and Cancer. You may feel sore throat, fever, bad breath, swelling or even ulcers. If you notice any sort of brown spot on your gums then this is might a skin cancer.

So in case you observe any such changes in your gums this means that you need to see your dentist immediately. A healthy mouth leads to healthy lifestyle for years and years. So stay healthy and keep smiling 🙂

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