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Donate For Charity

PP Foundation

It is a charitable foundation founded by Dr. Sunil Phol and Mrs. Pooja Phol and recently the Government of Thailand has also recognized it as a non profitable foundation. Dr Sunil Phol, a philanthropist at heart, started his charity foundation with a vision to unconditionally help the poor and the underprivileged people of the society. Although he has been munificently contributing towards different social causes for the past several years, this foundation was officially started in the year 2016.

Guided by the belief that every life has equal value, this foundation is primarily working in the fields of health care and education. This foundation has been offering free dental treatments and free dental medicines to the poverty-stricken people in the community. The people who cannot afford to visit a dental hospital are getting free dental care and medication under this program. It is also contributing generously towards the field of child education. From time to time, this foundation organizes free English language classes and free Computer classes for the poor and deprived Thai children. A key aspect of the Foundation is to help the students of "Faculty of Dentistry", Chiang Mai, Thailand; this is the same Institution from where Dr Sunil Phol has graduated as a Dentist. He is associated with this institution for many years now. The students who are exceptional in their studies however cannot afford to pursue higher education due to their modest economical backgrounds are financially encouraged by this foundation at many levels.

So far Dr Sunil Phol, his family and their friends, contributing and funding these programs and events themselves, however now PP Foundation is looking to reach out to other responsible people in the society, so this foundation can contribute more to the community, therefore PP Foundation has been organizing different fund raiser events and programs to collect the require funding essential to efficiently run this foundation. This foundation also appreciates all the generous donors, who have already been a part of this program and urge others to help this foundation in whatever way they can contribute, so we achieve our common goal to help the underprivileged ones. We are positive that if we make these little efforts, together we can make a better society.

Free Mortuary Van Service for Poor:

Dr Sunil Phol believes that true kindness lies within the act of contributing to the society without the expectation of something in return. Everyone ought to be transported to their last resting place. But it is very unfortunate that there are still some people in our society, who cannot afford the cost of mortuary transport services.

Dr Sunil Phol started this free Mortuary Van Service in the year 2012. Under this project, family members of the diseased ones are provided free vehicles to carry the bodies to the funeral ground for cremation. If any poor patient expired in the hospital and their family members cannot afford the cost of mortuary transport services, they can contact Dr Sunil Phol Mortuary Van Services for forwarding the remains to the funeral home. Currently there are three Mortuary Vans transporting deceased from hospital to funeral grounds. These vehicles are specially designed and modified as corpse carriers. Currently these vehicles are operating in the slum areas and nearby villages of Bangkok. However, if required these vans travel to the remote areas of Thailand to offer free mortuary transportation services.

Donate For Charity