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Dr. Usnee

Dr. Usneeā€™s (License 7472) valuable expertise put patients at ease. Having attained a degree in DDS from CMCA 2002, Endodontic Training in 2006 from Chulalongkorn University, basic Implant Course Intralock System Training in 2010, Certificate Training in Laminated Veneer from 3M Espe Dental Division in 2012, and Lumineers Training hosted by Autotek (Thailand) in 2013 has widened her spectrum in the expertise of suitable treatments for veneers and composite veneers. She ensures that the treatment of composite veneers improves the color, shape, size and texture of teeth by giving excellent details of clinical procedures to patients.

In contrast, treatment of Veneers is clearly explained to patients for their understanding that Veneers enhance the appearance of teeth by covering enduringly stained teeth, closes the spaces between teeth, levels misaligned teeth, and develops the appearance of broken/chipped teeth in relation to decay. Patients are comfortable and are in the conviction of her treatment options.

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