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Patient Name Treatment Country  
aishwarya veener Bhutan View
Anand Whitening India View
Anand Test India View
Andrew Black 6 Crowns Australia View
Anni green Dentures Great Britain View
Bayden Bristol Two bridges front Australia View
Beverley Taylor 8 crowns, 5 fillings, clean. Australia View
Brian Durning 9 x crowns, root canal, night guard, xrays. New Zealand View
Brian Sandri 8 Crowns Australia View
Carolyn veneers, fillings, whitening Australia View
Con Macarlino Bridges and Crowns Australia View
Danny Bwin 6 Bridges & 9 crowns on implants Australia View
David Lees Bridge and Crown New Zealand View
Dean Poropat crowns bridge root canal Australia View
Deborah Walker Tooth Extraction United State of America View
Dierickx Brenda Treatment of gums; , check-up (yearly), whitening; bridge + crowns Belgium View
Dieter Rothe 28 full crowns Germany View
Driss Crowns / dentures Australia View
Eva Extraction and bridgework Australia View
Geoff Saunders Veneers Australia View
Greg Scotney 16 Crowns Australia View
Gundy Mantinieks 2 x Crowns & cleaning Australia View
Heidi Cooper crowns and a bridge Australia View
helen rhodes crowns root canal Australia View
Helen Robertson Crowns Australia View
Jamie Hayes crowns and laser whitening Australia View
jeffrey amos 10 crowns on 2 bridges Australia View
Jenness & Keith Rodger Bridge, crowns, plate New Zealand View
John Boddy teeth capped,teeth removal and partial plates New Zealand View
John McCoomb Crowns and implans Australia View
John McCoomb Implants and crowns Australia View
John Neale Bridge Australia View
Julie Walker Veneers Australia View
Karen Bristow Fillings, teeth cleaned and bonding of gaps in my teeth. Also, flexible plate for missing teeth. Australia View
Kathie 16 crowns Australia View
Kay Montague and Donna Martin multiple crowns and bridges plus clean Australia View
Keith Rodger X-ray, cleaning, Stain Blast, Crowns, bridge, fillings, Deep Clean New Zealand View
Kev Mc Loughlin Root Canal & Crown Ireland View
Kristine Crowns Australia View
kristine Mills everything Australia View
Leanne Martin 12 crowns Australia View
Mal Broad extraction Thailand View
Margaret Forbes Implants Australia View
MARSAN Pierre dentures France View
Martin G. Mamett Crowns and Fillings Australia View
Martin Semple Crowns, root canal. implant New Zealand View
Martino Eduardo Convertino Implant Australia View
Mercedes McKellar 6 veneers, 1 filling, whitening , clean Australia View
Mrs Dale Hunter 3 crowns, 4 fillings and teeth whitening New Zealand View
Nanette Cislowski General check/fillings/extractions/new dentures Australia View
Neville Bowen new dentures New Zealand View
Nina Lawrence Implants, bridge Australia View
Oliver Lloyd 2 root canal, 2 crown, fillings, deep clean, whitening Australia View
Pania Edmiston Denture and a bridge. New Zealand View
Prameel Mudaliar Crowning and Fillings and Cleaning Australia View
randheer test India View
randheer test India View
randheer test India View
randheer test India View
randheer treatment India View
randheer treatment India View
randheer Tooth Whitening India View
randheer Test India View
randheer Test India View
randheer teset India View
Richard Borg 5 crowns, 3 part bridge, deep clean, whitening United Kingdom View
rnahadsh tesas India View
russell denture replacement New Zealand View
stephen payne crowns and implants Australia View
Stewart Blackmore Allon4 United Kingdom View
sujs extract and cleaning Australia View
Susan Merritt Full mouth of crowns and bridges Australia View
Tania Morton crowns & night guard Australia View
tanya dental crowns Australia View
Timothy Hart Crowns, bridges, fillings, root canals.. Australia View
Tracey Scarfe 7 crowns, 2 x bridges, fillings, and laser whitening Australia View
trevor clancy crowns and bridges Australia View
Truda Ward 5 Implants, 3 Crowns and Bonecrafts Australia View
ttest adfsdf Bahrain View
Valeria Implants, crowns, bridge Australia View
Vijay Nair Implants Singapore View
vinit Crown Australia View
Wayne Duckworth Implant finished Australia View
Will Lancaster Implant ,Root canal Australia View
william manson teeth removal- implants Australia View
william manson teeth removal 4 implants Australia View