Bone Graft for Dental Treatments

Bone Graft procedure is carried out when you suffer tooth loss and it becomes important to restore the bones in your jaw. It is also used to maintain bone structure after the tooth has been extracted. This procedure is also carried out when a patient undergoes a gum disease or even an accident. It is important for maintaining and restoring the bone structure for all the right reasons. There are many procedures, such as Dental Implantwhich requires that the bone should be almost equal to the actual dimension and location so that optimal results can be obtained. If our face is not supported by underlying bones it can make our face look saggy and we will start looking aged even before time.

Bone Graft Procedure

Whenever you lose the bone and soft tissues which support the teeth due to gum disease Bone Graft procedure is carried out. The other name for this procedure is Regenerative Surgery. This treatment is used basically those teeth which have been destroyed because of Periodontitis. Patients suffering from periodotitis start losing teeth because our gums becomes lose and are unable to hold teeth. Bone Graft procedure helps in regenerating the tissue and bone.

The procedure is summarized by these three steps

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Before the surgery is carried out your dentist will perform some basic periodontal treatment. These treatments are called as scaling and root planing. Your dentist will make sure to numb the area before the surgery.

The whole idea of this surgery is to force the body to rebuild the bone and the other structures which are attached with the tooth and jaw. These other structures include soft supporting tissues. The periodontist will first separate the gum from teeth. The concept behind this process is to expose the roots and bone so that the root can be cleaned. Any defects or pits found in the teeth will be filled with the graft material.

The materials used in bone graft procedure consists of the following:

  • Your bone
  • Cadaver Bone
  • Cow Bone
  • Synthetic Glasses

Once your teeth is covered with the graft material they will be covered with a barrier. These barriers are used to cover the material during the initial stages of healing. These barriers also prevents your gums from growing further. You will be surprised to know that the barriers are made from – human skin, cow skin or any other synthetic materials. So now the graft is in place and now is the turn to fix the gums. The gums will be stitched by placing them back. Within next 6-9 months your body will automatically reattach the tooth to your jaw.

Your dentist will give you certain medications which will help in healing. He will also prescribe mouthwash which contains chlorhexidine to suppress the growth of plaque. So ideally they terminate the bacteria and eventually helps in healing faster.

Regular visits may be required so stay in touch with your dentist and do not forget to follow his instructions.

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