Mouth Ulcers: Prevention and Cure

Apart from all the dental problems that we face mouth ulcers are very common. Mouth Ulcers are abrasions which develop inside the mouth and at times below the gums. A person suffering from them finds it difficult to eat and drink so it is important for us to make sure that we eat the right thing. Today on this post we discuss about these mouth sores and how to cure them.

Mouth Ulcers – Causes and Prevention

Mouth Ulcers are usually harmless and disappear on their own but if they do not disappear within three weeks then you should see a doctor immediately. As per stats it has been found that 1 out 5 people have been found to suffer from ulcers. You need to understand here that this condition is not contagious. There are three types of ulcers-:

  1. Minor Ulcers: It has been found out that the dimensions of these ulcers are around 2-8mm and they do not last for more than 2 weeks.
  2. Major Ulcers: These are bigger and deeper. It takes a longer time for them to heal and when they are healed they leave a scar on the surface.
  3. Herpetiform ulcers: These are a bundle of ulcers formed at one place.

The exact cause of mouth ulcers is hardly known to anyone however it has been speculated that stress and some sort of injury causes them. Apart from this certain foods also contribute towards this condition. Citrus and Acidic foods are known to worsen the conditions and at times teeth can harm them. The emergence of mouth ulcers is also related to the state of overall health. At times it has been associated with an upset stomach, immune health, nutritional problems and zinc and iron deficiency.

If you have recently left smoking then you are more likely in getting mouth ulcers (But these ulcers are good in a way as you have left something more harmful)

Symptoms of Mouth Ulcers

The symptoms of mouth ulcers are:

  • A painful sore or sores inside your mouth. It can be located on your tongue or on the inner side of the cheek.
  • If you have round sores inside your mouth.
  • Fever
  • You don’t feel like eating anything.
  • Your body becomes slightly sluggish

Treatment of Mouth Ulcers

The pain which you feel while suffering from mouth ulcer diminishes in a few days and the sores will also heal in sometime (say about a week or two). In case they do not then seek dental help so that you can be prescribed some mouth ulcer gels

Prevention of Mouth Ulcers

There is no predefined prevention technique for them however when you are suffering you can avail gel from over the counter or after consulting a doctor. During the phase you should:

  • Avoid acidic and citric food
  • Avoid eating chewing gums
  • Brush gently as the bristles might irritate the ulcers and aggravate them.

You should seek medical help just in case you:

  • Have unusually bigger sores.
  • Sores which are not healing and spreading across your mouth
  • Have continuous pain.
  • Difficulty in drinking fluids.
  • Fever accompanied with the ulcers.


Although they are not harmful yet still you should be cautious about what you eat. Feel free to comment in case have missed out on anything.

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