Busting myths about Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic Treatment or Root Canal Treatment has always been surrounded by many misconceptions. We at Dr. Sunil International Dental Clinic want our customers to have accurate information before you take any decision of undergoing this or any other treatment. The dentists at Dr. Sunil Dental are trained professionals and will leave no stone unturned in knowing your dental condition. This is the reason why we have been termed as the Best Dental Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand. So the point of discussion today is the misconceptions related to Root Canal Treatment.

Root Canal Treatment: Myth #1

It is a painful procedure

Absolutely not true. The fact is that this dental treatment relieves pain. Years ago the injured tooth used to be treated by removing the tooth and this caused pain. However with the evolution of technology this dental treatment procedure is no longer painful. In fact at Dr. Sunil International Dental Clinic you can undergo Painless Root Canal Treatment carried out by our trained professionals. With the help of these trained professionals and affordable Dental Prices in Thailand we have been coined as the Best Dental Clinic in Bangkok. Root Canal Treatment helps in removing damaged tissue from the tooth and that’s how you are also relieved of pain.

Root Canal Treatment: Myth #2

It causes illness

Decades ago when this treatment was not performed by qualified dentists the treatment wasn’t safe for patients. Still there is no concrete proof that Root Canal Treatment causes any other systematic disease. Dr. Sunil claims that the treatment is absolutely safe and is very effective. When you are affected by severe infection on your tooth then this endodontic treatment is the one that helps clean the bacteria and hence preventing teeth from being affected again. In fact internet is completely bombarded by false information that this treatment is not good for health and causes illness.

We all know that our mouth has large numbers of bacteria but these bacterium does not cause illness. Even if you do not suffer from dental cavity or haven’t been injured at all, you will still have bacteria in your mouth. If you are healthy then the immune system of your body will fight these bacteria.

Root Canal Treatment: Myth #3

Tooth Extraction is the best alternative for Root Canal Treatment

Well this happens to be tad bit true because nothing can replace your natural teeth. The look and feel of your natural teeth cannot be attained by artificial teeth. Dr. Sunil Phol always believes in the fact that one should enjoy his/her life to the fullest. An artificial tooth can deprive you of eating your favorite food and those foods as well which provide nutrition to your body. So if your dentist tells you that you need to undergo tooth extraction then ask him whether you can undergo Root Canal Treatment.

This treatment coupled with restoration process is a cost effective treatment which cures the damaged pulp. It is also less expensive than tooth extraction, placement of bridge or an implant. Root Canal Treatment also has a high success rate and lasts even for a lifetime. Bridge or Implant requires more time and also may require you to be present in the dental clinic many times.

All in all, Dr. Sunil expects you to first take care of your teeth by following proper dental hygiene and if anything goes wrong then you still have the option of visiting the Best Dentist in Bangkok.

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