Do not miss out on these amazing dental facts

We have recently discussed about certain amazing dental facts and stats but do you think that was all? Well no!! As mentioned previously our mouth is a wonderful part of our body and is also abode of many diseases. You need to be really cautious about your eating habits because what we eat and drink determines the fate of our gums.

We all need that sparkling white smile because that’s the first thing people notice about us. That being said, do you know that there are 19 types of smiles all expressing different emotions. Surprised? Well that’s not all so come lets take a look at some of the other such dental facts:

1. And we thought that this is just a thread that we are using Dental Facts

2. See I told you. Smile and you might win someone’s heartfacts4

3. They cannot repair on their own but we can make sure that they do not face any adversitiesFacts about teeth

4. Not just bones but calcium helps our teeth as well why is calcium needed for teeth

5. So how about going back in time and getting your own gold bracesBraces facts

6. Do you still want to go back in time when dentures weren’t inventedfacts about dentures

7. That’s the potential of human beingsSaliva Facts

8. That’s some grave damage to our teeth. What say?Flossing Fact of the Day

9. Take good care of your kids teeth if you want them to attend school regularlyDental Fact of the Day

10. These people were really ahead of us.Facts about egyptian toothpaste

11. It will take time to repair the damage done to Earth but we can repair the damage done to our teethBacteria Facts

The most important fact is that we are aware of the condition of our teeth. We know that eating acidic foods and drinking alcohol, smoking cigarette and chewing tobacco harms our tooth but still we tend to do these things time and again. Little do we realize the damage done to our teeth.

So its time that we start taking good care of our teeth in an attempt to rectify any damage done. Do let me know in the comments what procedures do you adopt to make sure that your mouth stays healthy.

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