Tooth Cavity: Common Dental Condition

If you or your kid is suffering from Tooth Cavity or Tooth Decay then you need to understand that you are not alone. As per the research by Journal of Dental Research the untreated tooth decay is a condition faced by nearly 2.4 billion people globally with nearly 190 million cases popping up every year. This disease is so common that it affects people of all age groups. Moreover dentists claim that the problem is known to all and is very easily curable. The most worrying part of this problem is that prevention and negligence go hand in hand. As per the studies conducted by a team of dentists it was found that out of 2.4 billion people who suffer from tooth decay 621 million were kids who suffered this condition in the earlier stages while their permanent tooth were developing.

Tooth Decay is caused when the bacteria in the mouth starts to feed on the sugary food releasing acids which attacks the tooth. The acid attacks the enamel and wears it out which eventually leads to cavity and tooth decay. If you notice holes and pits on your teeth this indicates towards the fact that you are suffering from tooth decay. The worst part is that the decay can only be treated so you need to immediately seek dental help.

Prevention: What needs to be done

You need to either get this condition treated or make sure that you take steps that will avoid tooth decay. The prevention methods are the basic dental hygiene steps such as:

  1. Brushing your teeth twice daily. This ensures that any bacteria formation in the night and during the day gets removed from your mouth.
  2. Flossing after brushing ensures that any food still trapped between the teeth gets removed effectively.
  3. Consuming a balanced diet which less on sugar and more on Vitamin C. You will have to control the consumption of soda drinks and some juices as well.
  4. Visiting your dentist ensures that you are getting proper dental advice and regular check up will ensure that you have a mouth free from bacteria and germs.

Tooth Cavity: Signs

You wont be able to get any concrete signs at the initial stage. The signs will be prevalent when the disease has progressed and intensified. There will be times when you wont even feel that you have cavity unless you experience some sort of pain or sensitivity. This the reason why you need to visit your dentist time and again. Timely detection of this disease can also help you save on a lot of money on treatment as well. If the condition gets ignored you might have to end up getting a root canal treatment done. So an early detection is really important.

With regards to your kids you need to pay close attention to their teeth and take them to the dentist regularly; at least once in a month. If you see yellow spots on their teeth then it is a red flag and you need to disturb your dentist.

Tooth Cavity: Treatment

It is better and always advisable to get this condition treated as soon as it is detected. The reason is that during the initial stages there will be multiple treatment options available. This will ensure that the disease does not spread more and does not damages your tooth more. Your dentist might suggest you take fluoride supplements, prescribe diet to you and might even call you for multiple checks to ensure the condition is not getting serious and that the tooth is recovering. There might be a need to use fillings which will repair the tooth and prevent the further progress of the disease.


No matter what dental condition you face, you need to ensure that there has to be a proper dental hygiene to be followed. Even after the treatment you will have ensure the same. It is therefore imperative for parents to make sure their kids follow healthy eating habits the moment their permanent teeth starts to erupt. So follow proper dental hygiene and stay healthy.


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