Baby Cavities: Parents should be aware of these facts

The most common problem faced by kids these days is tooth decay. As per statistics it has been found out that nearly 42% of children who are between 2-11 years have cavities in their teeth. Most of them do not inform their parents and which is the reason why the problem aggravates. However if a professional dental help is involved the problem can be cured. It is important for parents to know that issues that are small at the start can pose a threat to the health of their kids at a later stage.

Important to be free from cavities

It is natural for baby teeth to fall out. This gives more space for the permanent teeth to grow and develop. However the threat of cavities still persists. If your kid faces the problem at an early stage there are chances that he/she will start losing tooth very soon. This aggravates the oral care for your child even more. Tooth Decay causes severe pain and losing tooth at an early stage is a cause of big concern. This is because these baby teeth pave the way for permanent teeth. Without baby teeth the permanent teeth will be crooked. The other issues that your kid can face are ear and speech problem. However as a parent you need to understand that such problems will impact your child’s self respect and social presence. If you want that he/she should be presentable in public and that they should not keep themselves away from any social gathering then make sure their dental health is perfect.

Before or during the time when baby teeth erupts you need to make sure that the gums are being wiped timely. Use a damp washcloth every time your kid eats or drinks something. Once the first tooth emerges you need to use a toothbrush and water to gently clean the tooth. After this you will have to make them use non-fluoridated toothpaste as this will help keep their tooth clean. Slowly and gradually and after consulting with your dentist you will have to start using or make them practice other techniques of cleaning their teeth. These techniques involve proper brushing style and flossing.

Take your child for regular dental visits so that any dental problem can be detected. It is always advisable to take advice from a professional as they will be able to detect cavities, tooth decay and any other dental problem. Keep the mouth of your child healthy so as to ensure his overall health is maintained.

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