Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you know that your dentist has the efficiency of performing all sorts of dental procedures? One such procedure is Cosmetic Dentistry. This domain of dental treatment involves the fixing of chipped, missing, broken or even discolored teeth. Your dentist is efficient enough to reshape, close the gaps or even make your teeth shine bright. All this is a part of Cosmetic Dentistry. 

cosmetic dentistry

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What involves Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many procedures which are being used to perform this procedure. These procedures and practices are mentioned below and will give you a clear insight of what method is applied for which kind of treatment.

1. Bleaching

One of the most common procedures and is used for teeth whitening. Most of us undergo this treatment to remove yellow stains (caused due to smoking, drink soda and chewing tobacco). Tooth discoloration happens to the enamel and it can be hereditary or as we grow older. You can chose to undergo this treatment at the dental clinic or even at home using the home bleaching kit.

2. Bonding

This procedure is implemented to fill the gaps. But at the same time it is also used to change the color of your teeth. When our teeth are chipped or decayed then our dentist will be using composite resin to cover up the gap.

3. Crowns

These are often called as caps because they fit over the tooth by covering it. The purpose of this treatment is to restore the tooth to its normal shape and appearance. This is one of the most time consuming procedures but still it is very effective.

4. Veneers

These are thin pieces of porcelain or plastic which placed infront of teeth. The whole idea of placing them on the front of the teeth is to change the color and also the shape of the teeth. Veneers are used in Cosmetic Dentistry to fix the uneven teeth. This is considered as an alternative to crown procedure and is also slightly costlier than the latter. This procedure requires more than one visit. The advantage of veneers is that it has a longer life expectancy and more stability with regards to color.

What should you ask your dentist for Cosmetic Dentistry?

When you meet your dentist for the first time he will be able to tell you which sort of treatment is best suited for you. However you can ask these questions to your dentist:

  • How will the changes look like?
  • What is the ideal duration of the treatment?
  • Any particular maintenance that i need to be careful of?


Have faith in your dentist. He/She is the best to decide which procedure is best suited for your teeth. But make sure to consult your dentist atleast thrice a year.

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