Did you know these 10 facts about your teeth?

So I have been talking about the issues that are related to teeth and how we are spoiling the hardest part of our body. Today lets talk about some facts that are related to our teeth. So here are 10 facts about our teeth and the whole idea of presenting these facts is to keep you educated so that you can lead a healthy life:

1. The hardest part of the tooth and the whole body is the enamel. You will also be surprised that enamel is the second hardest substance in Earth, the first is diamond.

tooth enamel

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2. Did you know that baby teeth are formed when the baby is in the womb but they appear when babies are 6-12 months old and by age 3 all 20 teeth start to appear.

Baby Teeth

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3. While eating we don’t just use one set of teeth and not two also infact we use 4 different types of teeth to cut, grind and tear our food. These four tooth are – incisors, canine, premolars, and molars


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4. We are blessed with alot of things in life but when it comes to teeth we re blessed with only two sets of teeth – Baby Teeth and Permanent Teeth. So use this blessing in a better way and maintain this smile.

Baby showing teeth

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5. There are 7,324,782,000 people in the world and do you know that everyone has a different set of teeth. Teeth are as unique as finger prints.

people smiling

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6. Saliva that our mouth produces is useful in digesting food and also protects our teeth from bacteria but the more interesting fact about saliva is that our mouth produces 25,000 quarts of saliva and it is sufficient enough to fill up two swimming pool

swimming pool

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7. Considering the average life of a human being we just spend 38.5 days brushing our teeth. But make these 38.5 days count.


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8. I have mentioned it multiple times that whatever you consume has to obviously pass through your mouth which is also the very reason that all the major diseases are caused by unhealthy mouth. So be it cancer or osteoporosis or diabetes it is all linked to unhealthy teeth and mouth.

shinier teeth

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9. Our teeth is like iceberg. You just get to see the tip because one-third of teeth is under the gums and two-third is protruding out.

Close-up beautiful smile

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10. Here is the most important fact about teeth. If you break your teeth just put in milk and then place it back on your gums and it will last longer. Oh please see your dentist right away and don’t be self proclaimed dentist.


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Teeth are one important part of our body and we are very reckless towards it. Just imagine yourself being without properly aligned teeth or with crooked and broken tooth. Well I can’t seem to imagine myself and I know you can’t either so take care of your teeth and maintain that beautiful smile always. Keep Smiling 🙂

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