Toothbrush – Interesting facts that you want to know

When it comes to healthy mouth we need to ensure that we use proper tools and equipment to get rid of that embarrassing bad breath and plaque. And why not!! We all love that beautiful smile and fresh mouth. But then tell me one thing – Is it only important for us to choose the right toothpaste and 18 inch floss? The answer is no. You need to make sure that your toothbrush is also of the proper type. Well it is important for us to use the right toothbrush but lets not talk about the right or wrong toothbrush; lets talk about some interesting facts about toothbrush.

  1. William Addis, the guy who invented toothbrush was in prison in England in 1780.
  2. DuPont de Nemours started producing toothbrush which had nylon bristles instead of the boar bristles.
  3. Do you who is responsible of making Americans aware of the proper dental hygiene? The soldiers of World War II.
  4. Now men need to pay attention to this – Women brush their teeth more often than men.
  5. The first electric toothbrush was sold by Squibb (Bristol-Myers Squibb) in 1956 in Europe and in 1959 in US.

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