Orthodontic Treatment For Kids

Interceptive Orthodontics is a term which is used for orthodontic treatment in kids. The treatment generally starts at 6-7 years because at that time permanent teeth are developing and the jaw growth takes place. In this condition crowding is easier to address and cure. Here you should know that the orthodontic treatment carried out at this stage does not apply to all the complex orthodontic problem. However it is helpful in majority of cases. At this stage the treatment is used to cure cross bites and protruding teeth.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

The biggest advantage is that your child’s jaw is growing so the orthodontic treatment to some extent becomes easier. In case the dental arches and jaws are not in alignment then your kid might have to go for an early treatment procedure of his/her jaws and teeth. So in order to fix this problem your kid might have to put on dental appliances such as braces. These braces have evolved with technology and time. There was a time when the only braces available in the market were metallic braces but now there are multiple options such as ceramic braces and braces which can be worn at the back side of your teeth. They are comfortable and does not look odd as well. Apart from being comfortable for teeth they are comfortable on the┬ápocket of parents.

Care after Orthodontic Treatment

With dental appliances or without them, it is important for you to make sure that your kid takes good care of them. You need to make sure that your kid inculcate the habit of rinsing their mouth every time they consume food or drink something. Also brushing twice a day followed by flossing is a must. Every parent has to train on the technique of brushing. Ensure that they rinse their mouth with fluoride based mouthwash. This keeps mouth fresh and healthy. Flossing will help in removing the food which is stuck between the teeth and in places where toothbrush cannot reach. If your child is wearing braces then flossing will be difficult so speak with the orthodontist and they will tell you about the procedure.

Orthodontic Treatment Procedure

The treatment differs from patient to another. Most of the kids wear braces from one to three years and it entirely depends upon the oral care issues they are facing. After the time period of wearing braces is over kids will be prescribed to wear retainers. Retainers helps in keeping teeth in their new positions. There might be a slight discomfort but you will still get options to choose from. The dentist might even use an expander to increase the size of the upper arch. This gives more room for tooth to grow and reduces crowding inside the mouth. The expander consists of two plastics which gets attached to both the sides of the upper molar and also an expansion screw. The jaw gets widened by the movement of the screw as the devices pushes two sides away from the teeth.


As a parent it is important for you to take care of the dental hygiene of your kid. The orthodontic procedure is helpful in correcting any deformity in teeth but don’t you think it is better to prevent it?


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