Sedation Dentistry: How safe is it for kids?

No matter where they are safety for our kids is of prime importance to us. Even when considering a dental treatment for them we expect our dentist to be considerate and not sedate them. However as a dentist it becomes important for us to follow the sedation dentistry procedure so that we can calm down the young and nervous patients.

Sedation Dentistry is a very common step in dental treatment and has to be done so that the patient does not feel the pain or see the blood oozing out of gums and teeth. Normal medicines may take 20 minutes to reflect their effect however sedatives taken orally or through nose have a quicker impact. The advantage of oral sedation is the it does not put patient to sleep. The only reason it is being used is to calm down the patient.

Method of Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, also helps children remain calm. A mask delivers a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, and within five minutes, the patient relaxes and experiences euphoric feelings. At the end of the procedure, pure oxygen is given to the patient to clear out any remaining nitrous oxide. The other type of sedation dentistry procedure is called as intravenous sedation and is given via veins.

As per the guidelines laid down by American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry it is important for parents and dentists to speak with the kid before sedating him or her. They should be aware of what is going to happen. Before sedation dentistry procedure is started, parents should make sure that their kid does not eat or drink. The reason is that sedation possess a risk of stomach infection and may eventually lead to vomiting. To make your child comfortable make sure he/she is dressed up in loose fitting cloth. Before starting off any dental procedure make sure you provide entire medical history of your kid.

As far as dentists are concerned while performing any sedation dentistry procedure we will closely monitor the entire body functions such as heart beat, pulse rate, blood oxygen level, blood pressure and temperature.

Post Sedation Dentistry

Its important for parents to accompany their child while he/she is being sedated. When they wake up they might feel a little confused, nauseous and very fussy. So its important for parents to be present at that time to calm them down. For a long time your kid might find it difficult to walk or do any sort of physical exercise, he might be dizzy, sleepy and nauseous. You do not need to panic as this is just normal.

After the procedure give them just soft foods so that they do not find it difficult to eat. Try giving them fruit juices. In case of symptoms like vomiting, severe pain, severe bleeding or fever contact your dentist asap.

Once the mouth is healed your child should follow regular dental hygiene such as brushing twice and flossing.

Sedation Dentistry is a safe procedure provided you have understood what needs to be done during and after it. All you have to ensure is to maintain a clear communication with your kid.

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