Sugar: The One and Only Cause of Tooth Decay

Sugar has been an integral part of our diet. No matter what we eat or drink has a certain quantity of sugar in it. However the fact is that we need to avoid it as much as we can because sugar is the biggest culprit and the one and only cause of tooth decay. Tooth decay points towards the damage of teeth because of the action of bacteria in the mouth which produces acids and this acid eats away the tooth. Tooth decay leads to hole in the tooth which called as cavity and trust me this is something which should not be taken lightly. If the condition is not treated it can lead to immense pain, gum infection and eventually tooth loss.

Sugar is the proven culprit for Tooth Decay

Sugar impacts these three layers of tooth:

  • Enamel
  • Dentin
  • Pulp – The center of tooth which contains nerves and blood vessels.

If all three layers are affected then the result will be disastrous. So it is imperative for us to keep a check on what we eat and drink. There are a lot of ‘healthy’ packaged food which contains sugar or sucrose so make sure you check the ingredients before buying.

Apart from sugar intake there are other things as well which will cause tooth decay. These things are listed below:

  • Skipping brushing and flossing and not seeing dentist regularly
  • Consuming food which is high in sugar
  • When your fluoride intake is low. Fluoride helps in providing strength to the teeth and makes it more resistant to acid.
  • Drinking inadequate amount of water. Water helps in keeping your mouth hydrated which generates saliva. Saliva helps in keep your mouth clean.
  • Smoking

Symptoms of Tooth Decay

The symptoms of tooth decay aren’t visible right away. You will come to know that you are suffering from tooth decay only when you start seeing cavities. When it starts you will experience:

  • Toothache – A common symptom for tooth decay
  • You will see swelling in your gums near a sore teeth.
  • Bad breath
  • White, gray, brown or black spots on your teeth.

You might feel that toothache is momentarily but remember that it is a red sign and beginning of a disaster. The pain might go away but the decay procedure has already started and will continue. This is the time you should disturb your dentist and seek help. Nothing to lose if there is nothing serious but everything to gain if he finds out what hidden behind your teeth.

Now that you are aware of the problem and how it is caused let us now discuss how can you avoid it or get rid of it. Its simple – Stop eating consumables which contain too much sugar. However if the problem has aggravated then you will have to undergo a dental treatment. Your dentist might suggest you any of the following:

  • In case cavity has formed he will ask you to go for fillings. Once he/she removes the decay they will use a material to fill the hole and bring┬áthe tooth back to its original form.
  • Filling wont work if decay is severe and tooth has been damaged beyond repair. In this situation your dentist will suggest you to fix a crown. This is a replacement for tooth.
  • You might have to undergo root canal treatment so that the infected pulp can be removed.
  • However if the tooth is badly damaged then tooth extraction is the last resort. Your dentist might use bridge or implant.

So with that being said take care of your teeth and make sure you take a balanced diet and give up on all those habits which affect adversely.

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