What it takes to undergo Dental Implant Procedure

Dental Implant Procedure has been in practice since 1952 and was first started by a Swedish orthopedic surgeon named Per-Ingvar Brånemark. With the advancement in technology the treatment has also changed a lot. They are now being considered as the best resort or treatment procedure to replace missing teeth.

What are dental implant and what is involved in dental implant procedure?

So what are dental implants? They are surgical appliances which are placed to the jawbone and fuses with the bone in a couple of months. The whole idea of undergoing dental implant procedure is to replace the missing teeth. When a patient is missing one or more than one teeth then it becomes really embarrassing to be a part of any type of social gathering. Hence this procedure was invented so that we can live the life that we always wanted.

Dental Implant is the best way to replace missing teeth as it gets fused to the jawbone and creates a replica of your original teeth. Trust me it will be difficult for anyone to gauge whether the tooth is original or fake. The best part of dental implants is that they do not affect the surrounding teeth so you can be rest assured that the neighboring teeth are safe.

In today’s time the success rate of dental implant procedure is a whopping 98%. All this due to the technological advancement in the dental industry.

When would you need to undergo a dental implant procedure?

Dental implants can be used replace any number of teeth. This is accomplished without compromising on the neighboring teeth. The whole idea of replacing the teeth is to maintain the key functions of a the teeth and also keeping up with the aesthetics.

Teeth replacement is done keeping in mind these three options:

  • Removal Dental Appliance
  • Fixed dental bridge
  • Dental Implant

Your dentist will decide which of the above three options to choose from. However when it comes to dental implant procedure he/she will consider factors such as:

  • Location of the tooth which is missing
  • Quality and Quantity of jaw bone
  • Your overall health
  • Cost of the procedure
  • Your preference

Before carrying out any procedure there will be thorough examination of your mouth. The examination will be carried out with the sole purpose of understanding whether the patient is a “qualified candidate” for dental implant procedure.

Types of implants used in dental implant procedure

Ever since the dental implant procedure has taken shape dentists have been using these two different types of dental implants –

  1. Endosteal: This refers to the implant which is in the bone
  2. Sub-Periosteal: This refers to the implant which is placed on top of the jawbone under the gum tissue.

The major function and role of dental implant is teeth replacement however they can be still used to support a removable denture. Because of their stability dental implants can provide a secure and comfortable fit to dentures.

Apart from all this they can also act as temporary anchorage device which helps to move the teeth to a desired position. Once the teeth has been moved to a desired position the dental implants will be removed.

Well the most important role that they play in your mouth is giving you the teeth which has been lost. So consult your dentist and make sure you clear all your doubts related to dental implant procedure.

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