Tooth Decay: A complete insight

Tooth Decay is defined as the decaying of the outer surface of the teeth because of bacterial actions. If you are determined enough to follow proper dental hygiene, you won’t suffer or your teeth will not suffer from Tooth Decay. The symptoms may include pain and difficulty in eating. In case the condition is not treated patients may suffer from inflammation of the gums, tooth loss and infection or abscess formation. So today let us discuss about how it occurs and what can be done to prevent and cure this tooth disease.

Causes of tooth decay

You must have heard of this disease in various other names such as Dental Cavities or Dental Caries but then what’s there in the name? At the end of the day this is one condition that should not be ignored. Consider this as a very serious problem. It might be caused due to bacterial breakdown of the tissues which are located in enamel, dentin and cementum. The breakdown of tissues happens when acid from food debris and sugar attacks the tooth surface. However it has been proven that the presence of sugar is main reason of Tooth Decay. Not just the food we consume but even if you are under some sort of medication it is most likely to affect the health of your tooth.

If plaque in your teeth is not treated it will turn into dental tartar and the disease may take the form of Periodotitis which will eventually result in tooth loss. Once this happens the treatment becomes more difficult. You need to understand that plaque is a stubborn condition and cannot be removed so easily. You will require dental assistance. Moreover if plaque is not removed more acid will be produced which will deteriorate the condition. The deterioration includes removal of the surface of Tooth Enamel.

Prevention of Tooth Decay

An old adage says: Precaution is better than cure and this applies to every sphere if your life. To prevent this condition you need to brush regularly twice in a day. Brushing should be followed by Flossing and using Mouthwash. You need to also cut down on sugary foods and consuming carbonated drinks. At the initial stages you might not be aware of the disease but if you notice white spots on your teeth consider this to be a red flag and consult your dentist. The reason is that this white spot will grow brown over a period of time and will result in Tooth Decay.

Curing Tooth Decay

There is no other treatment or procedure apart from consulting a dentist. A professional dental treatment is the main source of cure. No matter which toothpaste you use the decay won’t disappear unless given a professional touch. You may need a Tooth Filling however if the cavity is too large then you might end up having a Dental Crown.

A dentist can treat and cure Tooth Decay but then it is your responsibility to take care of it. Once affected by it do not fall prey to those sugary and acidic food and drinks.  Please keep in mind that if the treatment is not taken care of you might end up losing tooth or you might have to undergo a Root Canal Treatment, Periodontal Surgery or even a Tooth Extraction.

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