Trench Mouth – A severe problem that needs to be taken care of

Our gums are really sensitive and are prone to a lot of diseases. The most common being gingivitis. When it comes to gingivitis, if you feel bad breath, bleeding gums and open sores then be ready to accept the fact that you are suffering from Trench Mouth.  To put things straight, it is the most painful form of gingivitis although it is not much seen but without any proper oral health hygiene.

The name Trench Mouth originated from World War I because at that time soldiers did not have adequate oral health products. For developed countries this type of disease is not very common but it is prevalent in many of the under developed countries where there is lack of proper dental health. However do not think that the citizens of developed nations will not be affected. The reason why citizens of under developed countries gets affected is because of lack of proper dental health and the reason why citizens of developed nations will be affected is because we do not care for our teeth.

So in case you do not love your mouth then just take a note of the following symptoms:

  1. Gum Problems: Red and Swollen Gums that loo prone to bleeding.
  2. Mouth Ulcers: You can notice open sores in the gum area.
  3. Gum covered with Gray Film: It is of the decomposed tissue.
  4. Bad Breath: You near and dear ones will tell you about it.
  5. Check for symptoms other than Dental Issue: Check for fever, or any swollen lymph nodes.

If you notice any such symptoms and still ignore it then be ready to bear the brunt. The infection spreads beyond the gums and results in loss of tooth and not just tooth loss, it will also result in damaging of other soft tissues of your mouth.

The only way to cure any sort of dental disease is by following the regular dental hygiene and visiting your dentist quite frequently for a dental check up. Its your smile so make it prettier 🙂

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