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Understanding and Fighting Halitosis

Quite often we have discussed the result of improper dental hygiene. Not maintaining a proper dental routine can lead to various issues and conditions such as Periodontitis, Gingivitis, formation of Plaque and many more....

Proper dental care leads to healthy lifestyle and boost in self confidence 0

Answering questions related to dental care

Today in this blog post we at Dr. Sunil International Dental Center have decided to answer certain questions pertaining to dental health/dental care. Patients have time and again asked these questions to us, so...

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Dental Facts to blow you mind

Our teeth are wonderful creation. Why? Because they tolerate everything we do to them. They are designed to chew hard and soft eatables and at times ice as well. They are designed to bear the...

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Dental Visit: Why are they so important?

It is really important for every individual to take good care of their teeth. Brushing and Flossing are two most important aspects which maintains our dental health. Dental Visit is also another factor that...

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Tooth Sensitivity

This is one of the most common dental issue faced by us globally. Tooth Sensitivity or as it is medically known as dentin hypersensitivity impacts the tooth or the areas which are visible. The reason...

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