Dental Implants: The revolution in teeth replacement procedure

Dental treatments have evolved with the change in technology. Among all the dental procedures that are carried out globally Dental Implants is one of the most popular and the fastest growing domains in the dental industry. The popularity is set to increase further as grown up kids do not want dentures and are opting for this dental treatment. The interest of patients and their awareness has created a stir in the field of dentistry and has also given importance to implant dentistry. The popularity is up to such an extent that this treatment has become the daily part of life for dentists. Today we discuss about the revolution in this dental procedure.

The history of Dental Implants

This procedure was launched in 1980s. It was used as a treatment procedure to get rid of toothless condition. As technology advanced, the dental implants procedure also changed. This transformation gave patients a more reliable and effective way of dealing with some typical dental condition. Although this procedure gained massive popularity but still it is not being considered as the standard of dental treatments. The reason according to Roger P. Levin, DDS is “One of the reasons is that dental schools do not traditionally devote a full curriculum to implant education.”

How to make dental implants a success?

There has to be separate education program for dental implants so that dentists should be fully aware of important aspects of the restorative dental treatment. Until recently the complexity of restorative dentistry was not known to dentists. However now there are techniques which are making this treatment a less tedious. So what are they? Come let’s have a look

  • These days the success rate of dental implants is way too higher as compared to what it was few years back. This success rate has instilled confidence in patients and dentists as they know that the result will be a success. With this sense of confidence in patients the advantage is for the dentist as patients will ask prefer this treatment procedure.
  • A major breakthrough in dentistry was when The Atlantis™ abutment by Astra Tech was launched. Dentists using this abutment have claimed that it is easier to replace the crown than placing the crown to the natural tooth.
  • Dental Implants are one of those dental treatments which are not covered under insurance. However with the facility such as loan with 0% interest has made it pretty much easier for anyone to undergo this
  • These days there is a clear communication between doctors and dentists who are carrying out dental implants. Now as the communication is clear hence it is easy to carry out the dental implants treatment.

The Conclusion

The most important aspect for a successful dental implant is educating the patient. You need to tell them that financing is available so that they can undergo this treatment without hurting their pocket much. You need to educate them that as they are about to lose teeth permanently then this procedure is the last resort. It is important to set the expectations straight. Also remember that as dentist you are more or less doing a customer service and your customer or patient needs to be happy with it. Every procedure during the treatment should be conveyed to the patient. Tell him the timeline of the treatment procedure.

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