Everything that you need to know about Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical Orthodontics or Orthodontics Surgery is used to improve the facial and jaw conditions which is associated with structures, growth, Sleep Apnea, TMJ Disorders, malocclusion problems or any other disorder which cannot be corrected by braces. This is also called as Corrective Jaw surgery because in it the bones are cut and then re-aligned. Once they are realigned the bones are held in position with screws or plates.

This surgery is used to correct deformities such as :

  1. Gross jaw discrepancies (anteroposterior, vertical, or transverse discrepancies)
  2. Facial skeletal discrepancies associated with documented sleep apnea, airway defects, and soft tissue discrepancies
  3. Facial skeletal discrepancies associated with documented temporomandibular joint pathology

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