Knowing the pros and cons of laser teeth whitening

Without a single doubt laser teeth whitening has turned out to be the savior for those who seek quick or practically negligible turn around time to attain pearly white teeth. The procedure is easily available in any dental clinic near by you.

The reason why patients prefer going through this procedure is because it has the capability to deal with multiple problems such as gum disease, tooth decay and obviously whitening teeth. Laser teeth whitening is a quick procedure because the laser will activate the either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide solution and produce desired results. Although it is quick and gives exceptional outcomes you have all the right in the world to know about the pros and cons of laser teeth whitening. We at Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic cater to your interest and it is our moral responsibility to make you aware about the good and bad about any dental treatment. May be this is why you have always tagged us as the best dental clinic in Thailand and best dental clinic in Bangkok.

Pros and Cons of Laser Teeth Whitening

Pros of laser teeth whitening

The effects from laser treatment are visible in just few hours which is why it is termed as quickest dental treatment of all times. Laser is one of the best tool that is being used in the medical field and has the capability of achieving the best results. The speed is also convenient to the patient. Everybody is way too busy these days that’s why a quick turn around time whole heartedly welcomed. Imagine meeting your friends or anyone new before undergoing this treatment then imagine meeting the same person after this treatment. The confidence level will be at an all time high after you have undergone laser teeth whitening.

Cons of laser teeth whitening

Ideally the treatment is safe but patients have complained of sensitivity after the procedure is over. This happens because of the laser and the peroxides that are being used. Peroxides are used in higher quantity. Some patients also face gum related issues and other dental complications long after undergoing this treatment. The most discomforting factor is the price of dental treatment as it can shoot up to no less than $1000 for one single sitting.

Our Verdict

Take a call and see a dentist. Discuss with them and let them analyze your teeth. Everyone undergoes it does not necessarily mean that your teeth are fit for this treatment so its best to let your dentist decide the best treatment procedure for you.

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