Travel to Thailand on your next vacation

Planning your next vacation? Planning to see exotic beaches and spending some stress relieving time with your friends and family? If the answer to any of the question is a Yes then you must consider going to Thailand.

Thailand has evolved from being the biggest rice exporter of the world to top 10 tourist destinations of the world. People from across the globe are coming to Thailand for various reasons. The north side of Thailand is surrounded by mountainous ranges whereas the south part is covered with exotic beaches. But Thailand is more than just beaches and mountains. Buddhist Temples, Exotic Wildlife and Spectacular Islands are other attractions of Thailand. Furthermore the Thai food and Massage are things not to be missed when you are here.

Over the period of years this country has grown and grown by leaps and bounds. It has grown so much that at the present times the tourism contributes to 20.2% of GDP. Multiple choices of Hotels at a very competitive rate, friendly people and ease of transportation have become one of the key factors for attracting tourist to Thailand. Apart from these factors, 19 countries across globe can avail the visa on arrival feature. This becomes easier for travelers to plan their travel.

But travelers are not just travelling for leisure. Thailand has emerged out to be a leader in one more category of tourism, Medical Tourism. Thailand is now turning out to be market leader in Medical Tourism. The Thai government is also supporting this endeavor because it has now become another key factor in attracting tourists. Travelers from across the globe travel to Thailand mostly to avail Dental Implants. Dentistry in Thailand has started to gain popularity because many of the Dental Clinics in Thailand are now JCI accredited and Dentists in Thailand are well trained from US.

Amidst many cities in Thailand, Bangkok is emerging out to be the most sought after hub for Dental Tourism in Bangkok. Either Tooth Fillings in Bangkok or Porcelain Veneers in Bangkok or any other Dental Work in Thailand these packages are dirt cheap and come up with various packages and offers that are not offered in any other SEA Countries.

So next time if you are travelling to Thailand and suffering from severe dental problem then you may want to check out any one of the Dental Clinics in Thailand so that this “Land of Smiles” can help improve your Smile.

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