10 foods you need to beware of to keep your teeth healthy

It’s known fact that the food we consume can affect our health a great deal and as mentioned in my previous article no matter what you eat, the food will first affect your mouth and especially teeth before it even affects your stomach or other organs. There two main contents in a food that will have an adverse affect on teeth – Sugar and Acid.

Sugar helps many bacteria to grow inside your mouth. The bacteria that grows inside your mouth feeds on the plaque and produces lactic acid which eventually erodes the surface of teeth Acids are present by default in many food substances. The acids that are present in food will help in decaying of teeth by eroding the enamel and breaking down the teeth directly.

So let us take a look at those 10 foods you need to beware of to keep your teeth healthy –

1. Apples :

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Its been said an apple a day keeps the doctor but eating more of it and not rinsing your mouth will keep the dentist at your door step. Its good to eat apple but make sure to rinse your mouth soon after eating them because apple is high on acid content.

2. Candies :


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As kids we have always been suggested by our parents that we should eat less candies because it will spoil our teeth. Well the fact is that parents are always right. Candies contain sugar and that is the main problem. Candies that are hard are of more problem because we hold them for a longer duration which helps the sugar to penetrate the gums hence spoiling them.

3. Pickled Veggies :


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Pickles are prepared using vinegar and they often contain sugar  – Both harmful elements and enemy of healthy teeth. It may taste spicy and tempting but eating pickles can seriously damage your teeth but if its an urge you cannot curb then make sure to drink water while eating and then brush your teeth after an hour.

4. Bread :


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Strange it may sound but bread is also harmful for teeth. Why? Because it contains sugar and moreover it is sticky and gets stuck between your teeth while eating.

5. Popcorn :


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I know it is the most preferred snack while watching movie but let me warn you that (and you might be also aware) popcorn gets stuck between your teeth which gives more reasons for bacteria to grow. Remember to floss or rinse thoroughly after eating or else the pleasure will turn to pain later on.

6. Ice :


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Many people that I know have this uncanny habit of eating the solidified water i.e. Ice. Although its not made our of sugar or acid but it is hard and can break your teeth easily. If not break then its hard enough to erode your teeth. So make sure to enjoy water in its best form i.e liquid.

7. Coffee or Tea :


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Coffee and Tea are healthy beverages. Infact the consumption of tea is more than that of cola but its best to intake coffee or tea in its natural form without adding sugar. Moreover if you take tea or coffee more often then be prepared to see stained teeth one fine day.

8. Soda :


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A strict no no and also recommended by many dentists. Soda contains everything that harms your teeth. Sugar, Acid you name it they have it. I understand that it curbs the heat during summers but while enjoying the chilled soda you are degrading your teeth more and more. In case you are drinking soda and cannot curb the craving then drink it along with water so that the acid can be washed away.

9. Alcohol Consumption :


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Have you ever felt your mouth to be dry after you have consumed alcohol a night before? Well that happens because alcohol has a chemical in it that reduces the saliva. This results in severe gum disease. Plus there is no alcohol that does not have sugar in it. So all the more reason to stay away from it and moreover regular consumption of alcohol leads to oral cancer.

10. Salad dressing :


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I know it sounds harsh but its the fact. Salad dressings have vinegar which in turn has salt in it. Salad should be simple but in case you like to add some dressing to it then be careful.

Well I have given almost all the eatables that will harm your mouth. You cn stop a few but if you still want to eat those mentioned above then make sure you rinse your mouth, with water and antiseptic mouthwash, positively after eating and also use floss.

So with that advice I say goodbye to you and wish you a healthy and beautiful smile. Keep Smiling 🙂

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