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Thailand has become a pioneer in the tourism industry. There was a time when this part of the world was known as the biggest rice exporter. But as time passed by, just like any other nation this country also grew. Not just in the terms of population but it has also become one of the biggest contributor to global GDP.

If facts are to be believed then the total contribution of Thailand towards Travel & Tourism to GDP was THB2,401.1bn (20.2% of GDP) in 2013, and is forecast to rise by 0.1% in 2014, and to rise by 6.4% pa to a whopping THB4,472.5bn (22.7% of GDP) in 2024.

However Thailand is not just concentrating towards the commercial part of the tourism. The other type of tourism that has gained popularity is the Medical Tourism and specially Dental TourismThere are numerous Dental Clinics in Thailand that provide quality yet cost effective treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry has picked up real quick here. Reason being that there are numerous qualified Dentists in Thailand and specially Dentists in BangkokMost of them are trained in US and Dental Clinics in Bangkok are JCI accredited.

The popular treatments related to Dentistry in Bangkok are – Porcelain Veneers, Laser Whitening or Tooth Whitening and Dental ImplantsThe Dental Prices in Bangkok are way too less as compared to the western countries. This is the reason why the patient inflow is from US, UK, European Countries, Australia and New Zealand.

We as Dentists in Bangkok can assure you that once you visit us there will be no complain with regards to the treatment you receive. We are here to bring the smiles on your face not just with the medical treatment that we give but also with our hospitality. So come and experience it yourself.

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