Some seriously funny facts about our teeth

We have often discussed about how important it is for us to maintain the oral hygiene; how important it is for us to keep our mouth clean and healthy to avoid any disease. No doubt about it that it is imperative for us to keep a healthy mouth. In case we do not then we all know how it affects our social presence. As a matter of fact we all love to smile and maintain that beautiful smile, but there is hardly anyone who wants to maintain dental hygiene.

Not maintaining dental hygiene has adverse affects on our overall health forget about keep us away from social gathering. Okay so enough of serious talks about tooth that we have, let us take a look at some of the interesting facts about teeth and then we will dive into the 8 seriously funny facts about our teeth:

Sir Issac Newton

animal images

snail image

bird in crocodile mouth

blue whale

So, now that we have checked some of the interesting teeth facts of a human and certain animals, lets talk about ourselves. Check out this infographic which talks about Some seriously funny facts about our teeth

8 Fun facts about teeth

Well, such interesting facts might be enough to drag you towards the maintenance of your teeth. Just remember one thing or rather two –  Do not be your own doctor and Stay Happy and Healthy. 

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