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Phone no: +66816485780 and +66816485680

Toll Free no: 1-800-500-193 (Australia Toll Free Number)
Toll Free no: 0800-001010 (New Zealand Toll Free Number)

Terms & Conditions:
  • Dental packages are subject to availability hence it is advised to get the early appointment reserved before you miss the opportunity
  • In case of room’s non-availability @ Dr. Sunil Apartment, we will place our patient’s to our other Branches.
  • Our Organization retains all privileges for the quality of the room type. Customer’s choices are subject to discussion during business hours
  • All promotional offers will be subject to our standard terms and conditions
  • Two existing promotions cannot be clubbed together unless otherwise indicated
  • Discount promotion and Dental package with free night stay cannot be merged
  • Promotional discount has to be approved through email. If you did not receive the confirmation of the discount offer, we shall not be liable for the same.
  • In order to avail the promotion, printed copy of the campaign has to be presented while making the payment
  • We shall not be liable, if you forgot to claim the discount while making payment
  • Post payment the claim of promotion will be voided
  • Our Organization will not be responsible, if patient claims or refers to any promotion after the treatment is over
  • Our promotion packages are not applicable to patients booking via any agents/agencies. The booking must be made directly via www.drsunildental.com only
  • Deviation from either of the condition will lead to termination of the promotional offer
  • We reserve the right to change promotion rules and withdraw the promotion at any time
  • By using this promotion you indicate acceptance of these rules together with any specific instructions and terms for such promotion which may be mentioned in any electronic messages, on the website, or communicated to you in any other way.
  • For questions regarding the status of your claim, please email: info@drsunildental.com / oberoibkk@yahoo.com
  • Discount offers might vary as per the brand names.
  • Discount is only applicable to the top quality of crown/veneers/implants.
  • These discount offers have to be availed in prior to the appointment. Patient can not avail the offers on the real-time.
  • The above mentioned discount offers may vary as per the mode of payments. Please refer to the email for the detailed information.
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