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Basis of the frequent inquiries by our International Clients, we have stored few major questionnaires for your expediency:

  • 1. What is the procedure to book the Dental Appointment?

    There are two methods to book the Dental appointment.

    For our international Clients:
    • Fill the query on the website or write us directly on our email i.e. info@drsunildental.com . As soon as we receive the query, within 24 hours our Dental assistant will contact you via email or phone call. Hence we request all our patients to share the contact numbers on the forms for the speedy solutions
    • Contact through Toll free number: Call us directly on our Toll free number, our Dental assistant will receive the call and accordingly book your appointment as per your convenience
    For our Local Patients:
    • Contacts us on our phone number and our dental assistants will provide the appointment.
    • Direct Walk-in
  • 2. What is the procedure to book the accommodation?

    Dr. Sunil Service Luxury Apartment is exclusively for our Patients. Accommodation @ Dr. Sunil Service Apartment is a part of Dental Package. In order to avail the accommodation, kindly consult us directly over the phone or email. The number of nights can be extended by paying the remaining amount as per the room type.

  • 3. Where is Dr. Sunil Serviced Luxury Apartment located?

    Dr. Sunil Service Apartment is Located @ SukhumvitSoi 71, between SoiPredeebanomyong 2 and Phrakhanong Bangkok. The name of the building is The Bloom on the 5th Floor. The Apartment is located adjacent to the BTSPhrakhanong (E8)

  • 4. What about the Privacy and safety @ the Accommodation?

    The rooms are highly secured comprising international security systems. Security Guard service is available 24X7 along with Private Access system. Using this no unknown can enter into the premises.

  • 5. What is the procedure to receive the patient from the Airport

    As soon as we receive the flight details, we align our experienced drivers specially assigned for airport pickup service. Our driver generally waits on the below mentioned location with the name displayed on the board so that it becomes easy to identify our driver.

    • Don Mueang Airport: Arrival Gate no 2
    • Suvarnabhumi Airport: Arrival Gate no 3
  • 6. How far is your clinic located from the airport?

    Dr. Sunil International Dental Clinic is located on 25-30 minutes of drive depending on the traffic form both the International Airports

    • Don Mueang Airport
    • Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • 7. Do you have Interpreter Service?

    At Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic, our Doctors/Staffs are also multilingual however we do have the special Interpreter Service available as per request.

  • 8. What are the modes of Payment?

    At Dr. Sunil International Dental Clinic, for the convenience of our patients, we do accept the payments from the following modes:

    • Cash
    • Visa Card
    • Amex Card
    • Master Card
    • Foreign exchange
    • Barter Card (Condition apply)
  • 9. Do you provide Warranty?

    Indeed, only an experienced perfectionist who has confidence on his efficiency can provide the warranty. Dr. Sunil International Dental Clinic is a Leading most preferred Dental Clinic in Bangkok. To know more on our Guarantee, please go through the Warranty Page on our Website

  • 10. I am afraid of Dentists, Is the treatment painful? What all precautions are taken?

    Most people actually don’t mind going to the Dr. Sunil International Clinic because our dentistry can be pain-free. Here as soon as the patient arrives; they start experiencing comfort with the unique methodology developed by our own experience. We make our patient feel convenient and comfortable both mentally and physically. As a result, post the treatment is over, we have also found people dancing out of Joy and thanking Dr. Sunil for his unexceptional elegancy behind his profession. For more detailed understanding, please refer to our Website.

  • 11. Do you provide Sedatives or Anesthesia? Are they safe? Which are the better option sedatives or Anesthesia?

    We completely understand our patient’s uneasiness however; please do not worry as we have been dealing in this every day. Here we take an additional care of our customer. Using sedatives our patient feels Drowsy and the anesthesia makes the pain free treatment. Whatever treatment they go through is pain free. Also the cost of anesthesia is included in it. There are no hidden charges.At the time of appointment our specialist will discuss all the possible options and proceed ahead with Patient’s consent. We prefer using Zen ax.

  • 12. Can I order products online?

    Dr. Sunil International Clinic understands the requirements of our patients who cannot come frequently for dental checkups. Therefore our patients can order their desired product online as well. The delivery of the product will be done within 7-10 Days from the day of placed order. Shipping and handling charges will be additional.

  • 13. Do you have your own Laboratory?

    Indeed, we have a panel of 23 Lab Technicians working 24X7 in our in house advance laboratory. This makes us ahead in completing the treatment quickly comparatively other clinics. We do have a head Doctor In charge specially designated for the Laboratory. Under his supervision all the laboratory work is done.

  • 14. Can I make Immediate appointments and how?

    Being the leading and most preferred International Dental Clinic, we generally recommend to arrange the appointment well I advance, however if there are some urgency, we do cater those requests as well. To make an immediate appointment we generally recommend three options:

    • Fill the online consultation Form
    • Direct Email to make real time appointments
    • Direct call to make the real time appointment
  • 15. How & whom to contact for special package?

    Dental Packages are subject to our marketing team. They run several campaigns hence to avail the ongoing promotions, patient have to inform our Dental Assistants or have to carry the promotional page along. We will be happy to cater our patient’s request.

    Note: We will not be responsible if patient claims or refers to any promotion after the treatment is over.

  • 16. How prompt are you with your services?

    Most people get amazed by our promptness in service delivery. Before the expected time we contact our requestor. General turnaround time over any query is 24-48 hours.

  • 17. Can I take back my X-ray along?

    Our patient’s gets the CD along with email enclosing the X-ray or any other medical report.

  • 18. Where to report for any escalation?

    Generally, our staff is well trained who can self-handle the queries. However if our patients have any complain or suggestion they can directly approach to our Clinic Phone and can also write to us. We will put our entire effort to get the complaint resolved immediately.

  • 19. Can I consult before deciding for the treatments?

    We have a standard procedure, at the time of appointment our patients meet Dr. Sunil in person for the consultation where their every query is answered in detail. Post our patient’s consent only treatment will start. The consultation charge is only 500 BHT which gets voided if chosen to proceed ahead with the treatment.

  • 20. Is my contact privacy safe?

    We assure you for 100 % contact Privacy.

  • 21. How experienced are your specialists?

    Dr. Sunil International Clinic has a panel of specialist in different dentistry specialization. All our specialists are vastly experienced with very good academic background. To know more on their profile, please referee to our website.

  • 22. Can I refer any one?

    Dr. Sunil International Clinic has grown vertically because of the best treatment offered resulting good word of mouth. We believe in best service delivery which becomes a memory. Most of our patients are referred by their known one or they revisit to get the other treatment.

  • 23. Will I be picked from airport even if I do not opt the accommodation

    Dr. Sunil International Dental Clinic is a responsible organization; hence we understand the requirement of our international clients who does have a limited or no Idea about Bangkok. In order to provide our International Clients we do provide complementary Airport pickup service even if they do not choose to stay in our accommodation.

  • 24. What is the quality control @ Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic?

    Every case here is initially diagnosed by Dr. Sunil Phol then after the treatment is implemented by him & his Specialist team as per the specialization. Post treatment, the final checkup is done by Dr. Sunil personally, so that patient gets satisfactory result. Even for future references, if patients contact through email or phone, Dr. Sunil will intervene in the matter and his Dental assistants will do the follow up within 24-48 hours.

  • 25. What is Dr. Sunil Pickup Service?

    The complementary pickup services are available for the patients are in two different ways:

    • Two way airport Pick & Drop: As soon as our patients arrive we send our driver to receive our patients @ airport. Our experienced drivers take our patients and drop to the Apartment or clinic as per the situation. Simultaneously while flying out for the country we provide the drop facility for our international patients from Dr. Sunil Serviced Luxury Apartment
    • Back & forth Complementary limo service is also provided to our patients throughout the treatment in order to add maximum comfort and convenience for our patients. We send the pickup service to the desired location/hotel and vice versa.
  • 26. What is Dr. Sunil Luxury Service Apartment and complementary services associated to it?

    Dr. Sunil Serviced Luxury apartment is exclusively for our patients having 10 luxury rooms. We keep the patient’s privacy as an utmost importance. Accommodation is a part of Dental Package preferred by our Patients. Every room has the refrigerator inside with Television. The Apartment is located adjacent to the BTS. You can find ATM’s, Restaurants, 7 Eleven, Pizza Hutt and shopping places nearby. Even if, you want to go for big Malls/ Ocean worlds/ Movie Theater/Madam Tussauds Museum etc. they are just 15 minutes away from the Apartment using BTS. Sky trains are the best economical and fastest source of transport in Bangkok to avoid traffics. Apart from this the following complementary facilities are also available in the Apartment:

    • Fully equipped Gymnasium/ Fitness center
    • Swimming pool
    • Steam bath
    • Wi-fi
    • Refrigerator Service
    • Computer
    • Sky Garden View
  • 27. What all types of rooms are available?

    We have three different room types available for our patients:

    • Molar Deluxe: 1600 BHT per Night
    • Junior Molar Suites: 2500 BHT per Night
    • Molar Suites: 3000 BHT per Night (2 Bed room+ Living room+ Kitchen)
  • 28. How do I know it’s a fixed price no overcharge or extra charge?

    Before we start with any treatment our Specialist discusses all the possible treatment options in advance and post consent of our patient treatment is instigated. All the payment will be charged in Thai Baht based on the current exchange rate. During the treatment, if there will be any change or additions in the treatment plan the revised treatment cost will be informed prior to the treatment.

  • 29. Are the Instruments Clean & Safe?

    Dr. Sunil International Dental Clinic is an ISO 9001 certified Clinic. We use Autoclave system and disinfectant according to international health care system. Dr. Sunil being the perfectionist believes in maximum disposable instruments.

  • 30. What makes Dr. Sunil so efficient in completing the crowns & Veneers so quickly?

    Since Dr. Sunil Phol Graduated, he has been doing Crowns and Veneers regularly. Moreover he is passionate and has affection for his profession. On top of this we have our vast Laboratory squad who works 24 hours resulting more no of crowns fabrication in very short span of time.

  • 31. What about materials used, is it up to standard?

    At Dr. Sunil International Dental Clinic, we practice with worldwide renowned Brands and Materials from 3M, Straumann, Renew Bio care, Accord and many more. Only best materials are preferred for the patients. We cannot compromise with the quality of the material and service delivery.

  • 32. Does Dr. Sunil provide Guarantee on his work?

    Yes we do have Guarantee for our work done. Please refer to the Warranty Form Page for detailed information.

  • 33. If I return back my country and I have some questions or problem. Can I speak to Dr. Sunil on phone?

    Indeed, our most important part of service delivery is customer satisfaction and in order to achieve this we can go beyond any limit. Dr. Sunil never minds speaking to any patient over the phone provided he is free or available. If he is busy, you will receive a call back by his personal dental assistant to do the immediate follow-up on your preferred number.

  • 34. Why does Celebrity choose Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic?

    At Dr. Sunil International Dental Clinic, celebrities from all over the world arrive for the treatment not because of cost however due to Workmanship (Skill) that they like and the privacy. So they fly to get the treatment accomplished here.

  • Does Dr. Sunil Work on Sunday?

    If really urgent or in case of emergency, he will definitely come to see you.

  • 36. Why is Clinic not on main road?

    Dr. Sunil International Dental Clinic is located at a very quiet and peaceful area of Bangkok to avoid doctor’s distraction and noise pollution which can cause hypertension (High blood pressure), ischemic heart disease, annoyance, and sleep disturbance which is not good during any treatment.

  • 37. Is it true that at the clinic you provide free Lunch or dinner?

    Indeed, if you are hungry, we have free lunch and dinner facilities for all our patients at our Cafeteria. Before the surgery our patients will be served with meals and beverage

  • 38. If I am undergoing a different surgery, how will Dr. Sunil do his treatment?

    As soon as we are aware of different surgery/ treatment, our special team will coordinate with concerned hospital/Clinic and manage the appointment according to the patient’s convenience.

  • 39. Can Dr. Sunil Suggest any other surgery apart from Dental such as Face Lift, Botox, and Breast Augmentation?

    We will feel pride in serving or assisting our patients. Please contact us through email. We will share the contact detailed for the specific hospital or clinic.

  • 40. If I get a free stay promotion at the apartment can my partner also stay?

    Indeed, room can be shared among two people only.

  • 41. What happen if I do not like the color or shape of my Crowns and Veneers?

    Before fixing the crown, we provide ample time to decide for any preference or change. Before fixing the Crown, size shape and color preferences will be catered however after the Crowns are fitted changes cannot be revoked.

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